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Western Astrology Horoscopes for February 2014

Western Astrology Horoscopes for February 2014

horoscopes February 2014 astrology by Matthew Cook

On 1st February weekends, the horoscopes say the planets will remain calm and the Moon will be in emphatic Pisces.Photo by Matthew Cook

The start of the February month announces the passage of winter and the onset of the early spring season. It is that time of the year when winter begins to recede and human minds and heart are full of romantic and spiritual sides of life. The positions of the planets in this month can influence a desire for romance and can also mislead. A significant event happens around this time is when Mercury retrogrades throughout the month while Jupiter and Uranus is in standoff assuring fanatics thoughts and wonderful ideas. According to thea recent psychic readings free and horoscopes could be month of sublime and ridiculous at the same time.

Horoscopes for the Beginning of February

On 1st February weekends, the horoscopes say the planets will remain calm and the Moon will be in emphatic Pisces. Overall, the time will remain harmonious and relaxing. The horoscope around February looks promising as new projects start on 3rd February due to the busy Aries Moon shining over everyone. On Tuesday, 4th February the life will slow down and there could be possibilities of delays ahead as Mercury retrograde back on Thursday, February 6th. Between Wednesday, February 5th and Friday, 7th, things will not be going smoothly as according to the horoscopes, there could be a misunderstanding, confusions, possible delays and technical issues.

Changes in Horoscopes Starting the 7th

When the Moon enters flighty Gemini on Friday afternoon, February 7th, one can remain undecided, not knowing where to go. As Mercury is a ruler of Gemini, it may go backwards on this weekend according to the horoscopes. But it will remain close to Neptune and provide energy for beginning creative projects. It will remain an excellent weekend as Mercury retrograde its positive sides and one may like catching up with old friends or contacting past loved ones. The moon will lose its course on Sunday afternoon, February 9th and one would like to spend the evening in a quiet contemplation.

The Sun and Saturn in February’s Horoscopes

horoscopes astrology february 2014 by Steve A Hill

The horoscopes of February 10th beings with low energy and down luck as the Sun continues to argue with Saturn. Photo by Steve A Hill

The week of February 10th beings with low energy and down luck as the Sun continues to argue with Saturn. The Moon will be in emotional Cancer and many would see themselves expressing their woes through Tuesday evening, February 11th. When the Moon crosses into fun loving Leo and Mercury backs into original thinking Aquarius, there could be a sudden transformation of moods on Wednesday, February 12th. Towards the end of the week, with the excitement of approaching Valentine’s Day in mind, the human sprits will be shifting towards romantic behavior with the Sun and Mars providing the steamy and sexy side of love.

Horoscopes Around Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day on February 14th will begin with the full Moon under Leo entire weekend. Be ready to have some fun and romance. The horoscope predicts the spirit of romance likely remain in this year. Those who are not interested in this celebration, Friday will be a good day to meet with people and finishing up the projects. On Saturday, February 15th, Mercury will cross the Sun and it will come under the light of Virgo Moon. This sharpens the mind and a new project can be looked after with great detail and attention. The concentrated focus will remain throughout the Sunday, February 16th. This will continue to remain great weekend for completing the projects and getting the pending things done.

President’s Day Horoscopes

The week of February 17th, President’s day will start under the absence of coarse Moon. The Monday morning will have a gloomy start with people avoiding any conversation and would like to work alone till the afternoon. The Moon will then enter balanced Libra and people will get back to their normal business of attending meetings and conference calls. Next day, on Tuesday, February 18, the Sun will enter intuitive Pisces and there will a lack of diplomacy because Mercury and Saturn will be in the argument. The balance will return on Wednesday morning, February 19, when people will regain their normalcy and may be able to solve their problems till the weekends.Over the weekend of February 21st when the Moon will be at its 4th quarter, the horoscopes predict a fairly stable mood. The Sun will cross in front of Neptune on Sunday, February 23, 2014 and it would enlighten the spiritual connection and activate the imagination throughout the week. The adventurous Sagittarius Moon would present a great weekend for travelling.

Horoscopes for the End of February

The horoscope outlook around the week of February 24th would encourage taking initiative with Jupiter poking at Uranus. Many will feel having the underlying urge to take risks and make changes throughout the week. There will be an opportunity to impress as Venus whispers sweetly into Saturn’s ear. Illogical ideas are likely to come Tuesday and Wednesday, February 25th and 26th when Jupiter and Uranus come to their climax of their confrontation.These ideas are better left aside and can be considered after the first of next month. As the month ends, there may be delays, miscommunication and internet problems on Thursday and Friday, February 27th and 28th. The blessings of the Sun and Jupiter will boost the confidence and will empower to handle most of the problems without a hitch.

There will not be a heavy planetary action happening around March but the retrograde will look down upon many and will have an influence on their actions and thoughts. Mars and Saturn will start their retrograde and many would be feeling lethargic to work hard. Check back next month to find what the monthly horoscopes of March say and how it will influence you in the daily life.

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2014 Predictions for All Astrology Signs

2014 Predictions for All Astrology Signs

2014 predictions astrology forecast horoscopes by Helga Weber

2014 predictions for all horoscopes – including Scorpio! Just watch that stinger! Photo by Helga Weber

To start off 2014 the right way, we’re publishing some 2014 Predictions for all of the astrology signs.  Whether you are a Gemini or a Virgo, read on to find out what 2014 predictions are in store for you!  Later this month, we’ll be publishing our 2014 predictions for the Chinese Year of the Horse, but this article will deal with the western astrological signs.  So reading on, but most of all, Happy New Year and make it a great one!

2014 Predictions for Aries, Taraus and Gemini

Aries: This year will be freeing for you. You will have newfound energy that brings you back to your center and results in a feeling of belonging in the world. You will experience primitive urges. You will find yourself in a new place, creatively speaking, leading you to begin seeing the possibility of a business revival. You will start to see and understand new ways that you can be successful in ways that allow you to be true to yourself by getting a free online psychic reading.

Taurus: While the beginning of 2014 may not be easy, you will understand that the obstacles you are facing will only help you move forward. Don’t give in and give up at the start of 2014 if it is not as professionally or financially successful as you desire. There is no doubt that you will be ambitious and may develop a new idea for professional success. Your ideas have the potential to work, but it is a process you must work through. You will see the results by the end of the year when you find yourself in a better position.

Gemini: You may realize that you are dissatisfied in your current situation and ask yourself, “Where do I feel comfortable? What makes me feel at home?” This feeling of dissatisfaction may have you contemplating big changes, but it doesn’t matter how they come about. The positive changes you will make will leave you feeling settled, both literally and metaphorically, and in a better place. It may feel as if you are ending an old life, and you may find that the grass is actually greener on the other side. Be willing to consider new things in 2014.

2014 Predictions for Cancer, Leo and Virgo

2014 predictions horoscope astrology signs by Remko van Dokkum

Find your 2014 predictions by looking under your astrology sign. PHoto by Remko van Dokkum

Cancer: You might be anxious regarding your opportunity to make money doing what you want or love. It is likely that you will be considering new ways of working because some are no longer yielding the desired results. You will have fantastic ideas this year and at least one will be a big success. Be bold! Additionally, realize that you can find time to treat yourself. Also, you will come into money or find a better way to make money. It may involve an increase in salary and travel can be expected. Regardless of what financial situation you are in, it is vital that you make taking care of yourself a higher priority.

Leo: This will be a year of change and you may see dreams fulfilled in unexpected ways. You will leave many things behind you as you travel down the path to success this year. During the first part of the year, you will be in a preparation phase. You may want to develop new formats and forms to ease your move ahead. Your talents and skills will be important. Could you take on a position of more responsibility? Yes! You will be motivated, idealistic, find new ways of earning an income, and contemplate the possibility of developing something new. However, be prepared to leave a lot behind and go through life changes to become the effective, powerful person you can be.

Virgo: You may consider an environmental change and have new ideas about your opportunities. This should be embraced because it will open up your life as you transition and develop new dreams through the year. Change is positive for you! If nothing changes and you languish in your current place, you may go out into the world in a more abstract and virtual way allowing you to learn about foreign environments or develop new interests. You will eventually find a way to gain perspective in 2014. You are on your way and this will likely occur in August. As far as your finances, keep in mind that an egg cannot be considered a chicken until it has hatched.

2014 Predictions for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Libra: You will find yourself having more fun. An idea you have been apprehensive about becomes easier to act on mid-year. Expect a positive, clarifying, successful, and healing year. You will experience success that has been coming for a long time in multiple areas you have been working on. It is a good year to direct people in some way and write because you will have great communication skills. You will be drawn to work and tasks that are suited for you. You will see personal areas resolved before you begin to focus on relationships.

Scorpio: You will have an easier adjustment to life. You feel empowered to join society or work in a meaningful way. You will be able to do what you’ve dreamed of in the world. You will begin to set higher aims for you love life. You will desire more in relationships and you will develop more confidence about finding love. You will be able to incorporate more of the world into your daily life through work and travel. You will set yourself up into a more practical and concrete way of life allowing you to become better organized for the future.

Sagittarius: Personal growth can be expected this year. You will see change as your self-confidence improves. Travel and association with others are enriching. Where you are in your life will give you the power to get things accomplished with others. However, you might find that something is more “expensive” that it appeared to be at first because there is more involved and sorrow is combined in one package. Be aware that there is a silver lining when something doesn’t work. The replacement almost always is much better.

2014 Predictions for Capricorn,Aquarius and Picses

Capricorn: During the mid-year, you will rush toward new things. You will experience a crowning in several of your abilities and they may combine to find you in a new role where you are more successful and complete. In addition, your projects could lead to increased financial security. This year will allow you to see what you’ve got. Pay attention to earth messages about making improvements early. Pending offers may come through or projects that have been worked on may be completed.

Aquarius: You are alive with ideas and associations are favored. You will get second chances and fresh starts. Keep everything under control except your creativity. You will have a new story in 2014 due to an improvement in operating conditions or an increase in consciousness. You will find it easier to walk away from things. Additionally, you see lots of improvement and change during 2014. You will see new ventures, work, plans, and ideas and have plenty of supportive ideas for them.

Pisces: This is a year for a new journey including one that previously stalled. You will gain peace of mind and see a departure from your previous life in 2014. You will continue to dream and think about what presents a higher octave in your life. You will become ready for love and this may include physical changes. If you already have a partner, your mate begin to see in a better or more admirable light. You will see reasons to continue taking good care of yourself and you will become better at it.

2014 Predictions for the Elemental Signs

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius): Re-ignite your fire this year. You will feel free to do what is necessary for prosperity. It’s more difficult if you must know what is necessary to be successful; never mind how things currently look. Do what you feel compelled to do. It will eventually lead to success.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces): You must clear things out of your life for your route of prosperity to open up. You must also know what you should put the most energy into and be willing to begin at the start of something. Realize that you have the inner resources, strength, and tools to start in this freer place.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius): You will have more support as well as better connections this year. However, you still realize that it is up to you, your work, and your follow through to make your prospects into a success. You have an excellent running start due to the plans you had developed prior to the year beginning.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn): There is a good chance your new ideas will not result in revenue this year, but you will gain invaluable feedback. Don’t overextend yourself while investing in something new. This year is more of a dreaming and experience gathering phase.

And that’s it for our 2014 astrology readings.  We will be coming out with monthly or bi-monthly astrology forecasts as well as additional articles on psychics, psychic powers, tarot readings, psychic readings online and much more!  So stay with us for a great year and even more 2014 predictions!

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