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How Do You Find a Real Psychic?

How Do You Find a Real Psychic?

how do you find a real psychic by Aaron Dieppa

With so many fakes, how do you find a real psychic? Photo by Aaron Dieppa

When one is looking for a REAL psychic, it can become quite challenging at times. With so many different types of psychics on the market, it can difficult to choose which type is right for you. Research is your best bet when it comes to finding a real psychic. and many times, this comes down to preference and who you feel comfortable with; clairvoyants, tarot readers, mediums, or several other specific types of psychics out there. A good place to start is may be a friend or someone you know who has used psychics previously, or the internet; check websites and read the feedback sections.  Most times they will leave positive feed back if their reader was a real psychic!

Can You Get a Real Psychic Reading for Free?

Upon finding a psychic, inquire as to whether they do a free trial reading or, at the very least, will answer some of your questions. This way, you know you have found someone you can trust. While you do not have to put your psychic through rigors before hiring them, it is positive to get a good feel. If they have the qualities you are looking for, and a personality you are comfortable with, it is a good time to move forward.

Basic Question to Help You Find a Real Psychic

Having a few basic questions for your psychic can be a very handy tool in finding a good psychic. Reason being? It gives you a good chance to see the manner in which they communicate. If they answer directly and without fluff, chances are that you have a good psychic. You want to be able to understand what your psychic is telling you. Below is a list of some good basic questions

how to find a real psychic reader online by ClockworkGrue

If you don’t know how to find a real psychic, who knows what you could end up with! Photo by ClockworkGrue

1.) What are your thoughts on free will?
2.) For how long have you been a professional psychic?
3.) In which areas are you most accurate?
4.) Do you use any tools or accessories during your readings?
5.) What is your pricing per hour, and are there any package deals?
6.) What can I expect from you during a reading?
7.) May I take notes or record the experience as it takes place?

Finding a Real Psychic that You Get Along With

Keep in mind that you also want to find a personality type that you gel with easily. If you are a person who needs tough love and directness, there are psychics who are. If you need a psychic who is more empathetic and loving, you will also find them. This is also why it is of utmost importance to ask questions to your potential psychic before hiring them for a reading. With online psychic sites, there is often a contact me link or a way to ask the psychic questions before you hire them.  Take advantage of that whenever possible to ensure you find a real psychic that you connect with.

Last Words on How to Find a Real Psychic

Keep in mind that a psychic’s job is to help us travel more steadily down the meandering paths of our lives. Finding the right psychic for you makes this process much more enjoyable and easy to approach. Be sure to do the necessary research and look for feedback on the psychics you are interested in.  By following the suggestions in this article, you will know how to find a real psychic!