Chanting for Abundance – How Do You Do It?

Chanting for Abundance – How Do You Do It?

tarot reading abundance by Marc van der Chijs

Chanting for abundance is used across the globe. Photo by Marc van der Chijs

There is an ancient form of chanting called Chanting For Abundance. I have used a Sanskrit chant which is a chant that I have learned with ease. I have adapted this chant as my own. Chanting helps improve my thought process while helping me focus on abundance. Chanting can be a powerful tool although it is not what make me feel powerful. It is the feeling of creativity that I receive when chanting that makes me feel powerful. The chanting basically sets the wheels in motion like a free psychic reading.

The process of chanting can manifest the results of abundance. This works by creating the vibration of abundance. I believe that abundance is plentiful and we live in a world that has plenty of it to offer. which helps me stay focused on the abundance that surrounds me.

What happens when I do not feel abundance? This is the best time for me to chant. By focusing on abundance I will be able to create it. If I was to focus on the lack of abundance this would not create any abundance. This would also be considered a negative focus therefore it is important to keep a positive focus in order to create abundance. For example if I suddenly felt unhappy I would stop to focus on being happy. This simply changes my thoughts to what I really want to feel.

Here Are The Basics OF Chanting:

1. Before you begin chanting you should choose a Mantra. If you would like to choose the Mantra Sanskrit you will need to call upon Lakshmi – The Goddess Of Abundance. The Mantra for this is:

“Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha” is pronounced “ohm shreem maha-lak-shmee-yay swa-ha”

The majority of chants usually begin with OM. OM means the vibration of the supreme and is the name of God.

The SHRIM Mantra attracts abundance. The repeated sound of Shrim gives the ability to maintain abundance.

MAHA which means great gives an actual quantity as well as a certain quality to the chant. This part of the chant gives it a boost and harmonizes the divine law of chanting.

In Sanskrit LAKSHMI is the Goddess of Abundance which means energy of the abundance.

SWAHA actually means “I testify.” Namaha which can also be used means “I bow.” This part of the chant releases the prayer. This chant was created so that others could understand the powerful vibrations and intentions of the chant. This Mantra was created by mystics in ancient times and is the one I prefer to use.

2. While using this chant for abundance, you can either say the words or sing them. It is also acceptable for you to say them silently to yourself.

3. This chant should be performed a total of 108 times for 40 consecutive days. You should chant twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. You should not miss a day or you will have to completely start over.

After you have completed your 40 days of chanting you should experience more abundance in your life. At this point you should be well on your way of creating and attracting more abundance in every aspect of your life.

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