Getting In Touch With Your Inner Psychic

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Psychic

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Getting In Touch With Your Inner Psychic by nataliej

Are you that one person who always sees something coming? Maybe you know that a friends relationship is going to end before they have even told you. If you, you might have an inner psychic just waiting to be released.  I’m not talking about the TV or movie style “move things with your mind” type of psychic  – though they do exist – I’m referring to the use of your psychic intuition.

Psychic – a Blessing and a Curse?

This gift can be both a blessing and a curse. If you use your given power for good, and you can create a deep bond with your close friends. However if you decide to be arrogant with your psychic strength, you will be seen as a know it all, and your friends will distance themselves from you. To avoid this, follow these five simple steps, to build a deep connections with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Using a Psychic Medium

People respond to advice when it comes from someone who they consider to be an authority. If you are getting visions of a friend’s future, you should offer to give an astrology reading or tarot reading. Take some lessons, and learn a medium that is the best conduit for you.

Psychic intuition psychic readings online Jonathan Hinkle

We all have psychic intuition ready to be tapped into. Photo by Jonathan Hinkle

Giving a friend a reading has a few unique benefits. Firstly, it will allow you to create a distance between you and your friend, the medium is giving them psychic advice, not just a friend who is giving them some unsolicited advice. It gives your vision context in which you can discuss it with them. Secondly, it will allow the vision to be honed by channelling it through the medium. This gives your friend a much clearer vision of what you are seeing. Finally, it will help your friend fill in the blanks of what is happening in their life, by using the imagery involved in tarot or astrology.

To Connect With Your Inner Psychic, Be Positive

Even if the vision you have seen is a negative for your friend, maybe it is that a relationship will end, you should still be positive about your friends future. Maybe give them a sense of how good it will be to be independent. Once they have been dumped, they will be in a much better position to realize that there is life after the relationship, and many more fish in the sea.

Helping your friend to make positive changes that come from the life changing events that you have seen is your basic job that comes from being a psychic lighting rod. If your vision shows a good change in your friends life then you being positive will make the moment even better. If it is a negative change, then being positive will help them prepare for what is to come, and lesson the impact.

Tell Your Friend In A Relaxed Environment

If your vision was urgent, and it is necessary to tell your friend as soon as possible, you should create a safe place to tell them your psychic vision. If the news is serious, and potentially life threatening you can’t just walk up to them in a store and tell them, especially if it is bad news. They will be angry, and you won’t receive gratitude for sharing your gift.

You should create a comfortable space where the person can relax, and can be open to learning of your vision. If you have a meditation room in your home that could work. Find a place where you can discuss these matters without being interrupted. Give them a space where you will not pass judgement against them.

Try to avoid overly dramatic language when you tell your friend. Building their expectations up, only to then deliver bad news, or news they already know is a horrible feeling. You need to be a good listener. Maybe approach the topic indirectly by allowing your friend to talk about their own insights. Maybe they already knows what you have seen.

Give Them A Reality Check

If you go in with the attitude that what you have seen is the final word on the matter, then the universe will disagree with you. After you have shared your vision with your friend, you should tell them to get a neutral reading from a professional psychic. Don’t radically alter your friendship because you can see into the future. You should try to maintain a normal friendship, despite your gift. This will keep your friendships strong.

Keep Quiet

This may be the simplest solution of all. If nobody has asked for your advice, then you might best to not offer any unsolicited advice that goes against their hopes and dreams. It is easy to avoid any discussion of your psychic visions. If you give someone news they don’t want to hear, then that might end up making you the enemy. You can change from being a psychic lightning rod, to become a lightning rod for criticism.

Everyday Divination: Psychic Insights

The divination of the future and psychic abilities can take several different forms. Little things that you do every day may become rituals. Divination isn’t a formula that you can break down into a step by step process. It is an appreciation for changing the ordinary, seeing the energy that comes from that being reflected at a later date. It is like echoes on a wall in the distance, divination lets us know that our daily rituals come back to us as echoes of what we have already done.

You should start by trying to see a few things you do regularly in different ways. Take the classic saying: ‘I Got up on the wrong side of the bed”, maybe there you have a wrong side of the bed. Try getting up on the different side of the bed, and see if your morning attitude is different.

Maybe the wrong side of your bed is a what happens when you don’t take care of yourself. Is your whole day dependant on what happens right at the beginning of it? You should keep a journal of your daily activities, and see what happens on days where you do certain things. Maybe then you can learn exactly what actions cause your best days.

Maybe the sounds you hear first thing in a morning is what decides the course of your day. Barking dogs, traffic noises, crowd noises or even a car alarm are sounds you have no control over, and can change the course of your day.

You carry the morning energy with you all day, you may be able to figure out how sounds effect your day, and when you hear a sound you will know what is going to happen for the rest of the day.

A great way to control the vibrations of sound is to listen to some music early in the morning. The first music you hear can change the course of your day and can be a powerful divination tool. The beat, subject and tempo of the song can have an impact on your day.

The latest pop music will effect you differently than a chart song. You should experiment, and see how days go by using different musical energy.

Food is another path to divination. They say you are what you eat, and the different sensations you experience from the same food can be different depending on the day. Maybe the color of your toast can change the course of your day.

Compare your breakfasts every day to see how the day unfolds. Eventually you will be able to predict the course of your day simple from the energy that surrounds you during breakfast.

Everyone commutes, whether it is a short bike ride or a long train ride. It involves your sense of sight, every day you will notice that some things stay the same, but some things change.

Divine your love life by driving to a flower shop. Is your lover more receptive and plesant when the flower shop is crowded. Maybe he would propose to you if there was another flower shop on your route. You can divine what your future holds by using everyday clues that you see during your commute.

Exercise is a routine that has enough variables that you can see the effects of slight changes. Change your fitness equipment, or the length of time that you are on it and see if your day progresses differently.

Small changes can have a big impact, and if you are paying attention you will notice the subtle shifts in the destiny that awaits you.

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Brandi is a tarot reader and writer of Irish decent. She has Welsh, Irish and German ancestry, though she traces her psychic abilities from her mother's Irish side. Brandi has been giving tarot readings for 10 years and loves to help people who need it through her tarot readings and online tarot readings.

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