Finding a Free Tarot Reading or Free Psychic Reading Online

Finding a Free Tarot Reading or Psychic Readings

free tarot reading

Why pay, when you can get a free tarot online reading or a online tarot free readingif you know where to go? Photo by 401(K) 2013

Have you ever had a question that you desperately needed an answer for? You could be wondering if your partner is having an affair, or if you should look beyond your current job and find something completely different. Questions that you have no answers to can weigh heavy on your mind. Getting a free tarot reading done can help provide you with some well meaning answers. If you know just where to look, you can even get psychic reading – though it may take some digging and looking through various psychic networks and psychic readers.

Where to Find a Free Tarot Reading

If you had to search around the internet yourself, it could take a while to find those psychic sites that REALLY offer a free tarot online reading, let alone the ones that offer legitimate readings. There are so many websites claiming to offer tarot online free readings or a free tarot card reading in chat. Below you will find a review of a few selected sites that offer a specific kind of psychic service completely free of charge. We have also include those websites that offer you a free tarot readings / psychic reading with real tarot readers and psychic mediums.


Click HereOranum offers free online psychic readings and free tarot online readings. Oranum is one of the best psychic websites in terms of affordability, while offering the most diverse tarot online free readings. This recently re-designed website is user-friendly and is super easy to navigate. The profile pages are easy to use and provide full details of all the free services that are offered. Easily find the service that best fits your needs. Although the sister site is French, Oranum itself offers readings in many different languages. You can get a free tarot reading over the phone, on video chat and even through e-mail reading.

It is even possible to have a free tarot reading / free tarot card reading done in the public chat rooms as long as the discussion is not of a highly personal matter. The video chat is a highly prized feature of this site. Your psychic reader makes you feel like you are chatting in the same space, even though you may be thousands of miles apart. Oranum is a must see site if you are looking for a tarot online free reading. The quality of the website is worth your time and getting a free tarot reading or free tarot card reading is a treat!

Click Here to get a Tarot Reading From Oranum


psychicsourceOffers free psychic chat, free tarot readings, online psychic chats and is a wonderful PsychicSource. Psychic Source was founded in 1989 and is one of the longest running psychic networks around. This website has many, many happy members who do nothing but sing the praises of these psychics and their site after getting a free tarot reading. There are between 25 and 75 psychic readers online at any given time. They are available to answer any of your most pressing questions 24 hours a day.The Psychic Source profile page is conveniently set up and is super user friendly. Choose which of the different styles of reading best speaks to your own psychic reading needs. This website actually has specialty areas that cater to your different needs, whether you require a reading about a relationship or family matters, there is a specialist for you.  You can evaluate any of the various psychic readers and decide who can best give you the psychic reading you are looking for, from psychic mediums for speaking with those who have passed on, to tarot readers who can give you a great tarot reading online.  While we did not find them as good as Oranum (above), we did find them very helpful!

Click Here to Readings from PsychicSource


hollywoodpsychicsHollywood Psychics offers online psychic readings, online tarot readings and online psychic chats. Due to the quality of the psychic services and the website’s wonderful layout, Hollywood Psychics is a favorite amongst its users. The psychics are calm and relaxed and the site consistently provides quality free and affordable psychic readings online or over the phone.One unique feature that the members like is that each psychic has his or her own profile page with all their details, psychic history, and information on what areas they specialize in, conveniently located in one spot. Be sure to check out the customer ratings and the feature reviews. These will help you make the best choice in picking your psychic reader.

Finding the perfect reader for your free tarot reading is essential because no one wants to waste their time or their money on readings from a reader who may not be suitable for their needs.At only $1 per minute, Hollywood Psychics is relatively inexpensive for a psychic reading site, if you chose to not get a free tarot card reading. They not only offer online readings, but offer live chats and psychic reading over the phone. Choose from this sampling of psychics: those who specialize in love and relationships or those who specialize in finance and careers. Find a psychic who loves tarot, or one who loves to do dream interpretations. There is even a psychic who loves numerology. Endless choices for your endless questions.

Click Here for Hollywood Psychics


KamsambaLive Psychics, who recently changed their name, offers free psychic readings and free tarot readings. Also offers affordable readings. LivePerson Psychics is one of the newest psychic websites to be found online. They are a very unique site in that they offer affordable service and do not accept cash for the readings. Instead they deal in credits: each psychic charges a specific number of credits per minute. The credits are priced at 10 for $1. The LivePerson psychics charge anything upwards from 10 credits per minute. This unique credit system can work to your advantage, especially when the site runs deals and promotions. Check back often and you might just run into a double credit offer!

free tarot online reading online tarot free reading free tarot reading free tarot card readingBe sure to check out the psychic reader profile page. Here you will find full information on every psychic and you can find the perfect one for your free tarot card reading needs. LivePerson Psychics also dedicates parts of the site to astrology and horoscopes for those who are interested in those areas.You can also go to the public chat rooms and get a free tarot card reading if the subject matter is not too personal and is appropriate for general viewing. Just enter a chat room and start talking to your psychic. Or, you could go into a private chat and get a personal reading done at an affordable rate.These are just a brief sample of the psychic websites available online. Their options vary, as do their readers.

Honorable Mentions for Free Psychic Readings and Free Tarot Readings

While these are the top 4 choices we evaluated, there are a number of other psychic networks out there who do offer excellent psychic readings.  If you come across some of them, make sure you do your homework and compare them to the top four psychic networks above.  You never know where you will find a gem of a psychic reader or a diamond in the rough who may be getting started in the psychic reading business and may grow to be a close personal adviser.  Just make sure you do your do diligence and look at reviews and feedback first.

Click Here for a Psychic Chat from Live Psychics

However, no matter what site you choose, all of the above sites offer a free tarot reading or free psychic reading of some sort. If you decide you want to pay and actually chat with a psychic instead of getting a free tarot card reading, you can be assured that readings can be done at an affordable rate with most having a money back guarantee. Check out these four sites and find which one suits you best. Or, choose from any of the other sites available online. These four are listed because they are simply some of the best of the best – whether you require a psychic reading, a standard tarot online or choose to pay for a free reading.

Click Here to get a Psychic ChatFrom Oranum

Finding Free Psychic Chat Rooms Online

Finding Free Psychic Chat Rooms Online

free psychic chat rooms online by crunklygill

You can speak with all sorts of psychics in free psychic chat rooms nowadays. Photo by crunklygill

When it comes to free psychic chat rooms they can be found online. These psychic chat rooms are there to help those who need consultations. Along with helping those that need to speak about various other psychic matters. With the help of these chat rooms you will be able to find the guidance you need while maintaining the privacy you need.  Not only that, but depending on which free psychic chat rooms you choose, you may be able to use video chat for a two-way conversation with your psychic reader.

Psychic chat rooms that offer free services have become very popular. These types of service helps a variety of individuals sort through various aspects of their lives. With a free psychic chat you can learn valuable information about your life as well as learn how to overcome certain obstacles.  What started out as one on one psychic readings has evolved into phone psychic readings, then online psychic readings and now to free psychic chat rooms.

What are Free Psychic Chat Rooms?

A free psychic chat room is an online site that allows you to consult with a psychic. During your online psychic chat you will be able to seek the spiritual guidance you are looking for. These types of chat rooms are set up just like regular chat rooms. Throughout your online chat experience you will speak with several online users as well as psychics. These psychics can help you understand more about both the physical world and the psychic world. They can also help you solve certain problems. While psychic websites offer a variety of ways to receive readings such as over the phone, through email, or an online reading – the most popular choice is more and more becoming free psychic chat rooms.

What Type of Psychics will You Find in Free Psychic Chat Rooms?

online free psychic chat rooms by aileenrobot

Psychic reading has evolved from one-on-one psychic readings to free psychic chat rooms online. Photo by aileenrobot

While using these websites you will be able to find mediums, clairvoyants, psychic experts, and spiritual teachers. There are also various forms of readings that are available that include numerology, astrology, tarot cards, mediums, and even crystal ball readers. According to what your specific needs are you will be able to find a reading that you feel the most comfortable with. When deciding on a psychic there are several profiles that you can view before making a decision on which one you would like to discuss your future with.

Anonymous Free Psychic Chat Rooms

The most important benefit while participating in an online psychic room is that you can remain completely anonymous. This method has helped several people feel more comfortable when it comes to talking about personal matters. With this benefit you can feel free to ask all sorts of questions without having to speak face to face. This helps those who get embarrassed easily and feel uncomfortable speaking with others.

Getting Genuine Readings from Free Psychic Chat Rooms

The best way to verify that your psychic is giving you correct information and is geniune is by asking them questions about your past. Once they have been able to give you information about your past you will be able to feel more secure with them. This will help you too feel reassured that they are giving you an accurate reading that is beneficial to your future in the free psychic chat rooms!

Click Here for Special Free Psychic Chat Rooms with the Best Psychics

Horoscope Signs – Cancer

Horoscope Signs – Cancer


By: Divine

Cancers are spirits of dispositions and emotions. Inconsistencies — the changing climates of the internal world and their feelings — form the landscape where they dwell. Cancers have a disposition for every occasion. Feelings count with them more than sense, or ideas, as well as the evidence of truth. Cancers give consideration to their own instinct, gut responses, hunches, and their “take” on individuals, thoughts, locations, situations, and issues. It is among their most used and useful presents. They will have excellent use of places psychic is considered by us, and you can not contend with their results.

Their manner of approaching the world drives “rational” folks mad; it so defies reason and investigation. Cancers love investigate and to experience assortments of this elusive faculty, and all the colors, colors, tempos.

Cancers can be with someone in methods bring relaxation and companionship — particularly in troubled times. Cancers can make only the right gesture, say only the appropriate soothing word — or nothing at all and show empathy for another’s anguished, wounded mood as nothing else can do to jump start the healing process.

Cancers are not insensitive. Cancers are mild, tender, type, and “mothering.”

But consistently, there’s another side to the narrative. And what’s “sensitive” — meaning open and reactive — with only a wind of the emotional disposition-wheel becomes “sensitive” — meaning dark and easily bruised. In the end, she or he resides inside that world that is shifting.

They are sometimes nearly bipolar, and that can make daily life rather a trial for all the positive motives to have a relationship with a Cancer. Cancers feel a lot that is misunderstood. They may be difficult to understand. The particular pain for Cancer is they in many cases are so “public” — so clear — in their incredible susceptibility. Everybody knows it, when they’re in a sulk when their feelings are hurt. And generally they have to put up with it, also, because when Cancer needs to hear it is own tune that is depressing, everybody must listen.

But the main reason for this resides in the other primal interest of Cancer, which is support, the attention, and perpetuation of the household.

Here, the messages must be read by Cancer from loved ones who occasionally cannot say what they feel, and what is happening what they want.

One does not have to be infirm or a baby to want such link from time to time. For this reason an enormous family circle is normally attracted by Cancers. The do not confine themselves to blood-and-union relationships when their family is defined by them.

The end up caring for a bunch of pets, strays, friends, co-workers, the friends of relatives and their kids, the friends of friends anything or anyone that wants a helping hand. Hence the emphasis on protection, care, security, and shield. Cancers care for individuals who cannot help the. Their occupation is considered that by cancers.

Cancers are true, possessive, and extremely well suited for the job they fill. Moms-of-the-world (and Cancer guys frequently make wonderful “mothers”) need to be all the matters I have just described and more.

To Cancer, these notions of continuity and family are holy, and their unique combination are those. Just a fool would differ.

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Psychic

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Psychic

inner psychic intuition tarot reading nataliej

Getting In Touch With Your Inner Psychic by nataliej

Are you that one person who always sees something coming? Maybe you know that a friends relationship is going to end before they have even told you. If you, you might have an inner psychic just waiting to be released.  I’m not talking about the TV or movie style “move things with your mind” type of psychic  – though they do exist – I’m referring to the use of your psychic intuition.

Psychic – a Blessing and a Curse?

This gift can be both a blessing and a curse. If you use your given power for good, and you can create a deep bond with your close friends. However if you decide to be arrogant with your psychic strength, you will be seen as a know it all, and your friends will distance themselves from you. To avoid this, follow these five simple steps, to build a deep connections with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Using a Psychic Medium

People respond to advice when it comes from someone who they consider to be an authority. If you are getting visions of a friend’s future, you should offer to give an astrology reading or tarot reading. Take some lessons, and learn a medium that is the best conduit for you.

Psychic intuition psychic readings online Jonathan Hinkle

We all have psychic intuition ready to be tapped into. Photo by Jonathan Hinkle

Giving a friend a reading has a few unique benefits. Firstly, it will allow you to create a distance between you and your friend, the medium is giving them psychic advice, not just a friend who is giving them some unsolicited advice. It gives your vision context in which you can discuss it with them. Secondly, it will allow the vision to be honed by channelling it through the medium. This gives your friend a much clearer vision of what you are seeing. Finally, it will help your friend fill in the blanks of what is happening in their life, by using the imagery involved in tarot or astrology.

To Connect With Your Inner Psychic, Be Positive

Even if the vision you have seen is a negative for your friend, maybe it is that a relationship will end, you should still be positive about your friends future. Maybe give them a sense of how good it will be to be independent. Once they have been dumped, they will be in a much better position to realize that there is life after the relationship, and many more fish in the sea.

Helping your friend to make positive changes that come from the life changing events that you have seen is your basic job that comes from being a psychic lighting rod. If your vision shows a good change in your friends life then you being positive will make the moment even better. If it is a negative change, then being positive will help them prepare for what is to come, and lesson the impact.

Tell Your Friend In A Relaxed Environment

If your vision was urgent, and it is necessary to tell your friend as soon as possible, you should create a safe place to tell them your psychic vision. If the news is serious, and potentially life threatening you can’t just walk up to them in a store and tell them, especially if it is bad news. They will be angry, and you won’t receive gratitude for sharing your gift.

You should create a comfortable space where the person can relax, and can be open to learning of your vision. If you have a meditation room in your home that could work. Find a place where you can discuss these matters without being interrupted. Give them a space where you will not pass judgement against them.

Try to avoid overly dramatic language when you tell your friend. Building their expectations up, only to then deliver bad news, or news they already know is a horrible feeling. You need to be a good listener. Maybe approach the topic indirectly by allowing your friend to talk about their own insights. Maybe they already knows what you have seen.

Give Them A Reality Check

If you go in with the attitude that what you have seen is the final word on the matter, then the universe will disagree with you. After you have shared your vision with your friend, you should tell them to get a neutral reading from a professional psychic. Don’t radically alter your friendship because you can see into the future. You should try to maintain a normal friendship, despite your gift. This will keep your friendships strong.

Keep Quiet

This may be the simplest solution of all. If nobody has asked for your advice, then you might best to not offer any unsolicited advice that goes against their hopes and dreams. It is easy to avoid any discussion of your psychic visions. If you give someone news they don’t want to hear, then that might end up making you the enemy. You can change from being a psychic lightning rod, to become a lightning rod for criticism.

Everyday Divination: Psychic Insights

The divination of the future and psychic abilities can take several different forms. Little things that you do every day may become rituals. Divination isn’t a formula that you can break down into a step by step process. It is an appreciation for changing the ordinary, seeing the energy that comes from that being reflected at a later date. It is like echoes on a wall in the distance, divination lets us know that our daily rituals come back to us as echoes of what we have already done.

You should start by trying to see a few things you do regularly in different ways. Take the classic saying: ‘I Got up on the wrong side of the bed”, maybe there you have a wrong side of the bed. Try getting up on the different side of the bed, and see if your morning attitude is different.

Maybe the wrong side of your bed is a what happens when you don’t take care of yourself. Is your whole day dependant on what happens right at the beginning of it? You should keep a journal of your daily activities, and see what happens on days where you do certain things. Maybe then you can learn exactly what actions cause your best days.

Maybe the sounds you hear first thing in a morning is what decides the course of your day. Barking dogs, traffic noises, crowd noises or even a car alarm are sounds you have no control over, and can change the course of your day.

You carry the morning energy with you all day, you may be able to figure out how sounds effect your day, and when you hear a sound you will know what is going to happen for the rest of the day.

A great way to control the vibrations of sound is to listen to some music early in the morning. The first music you hear can change the course of your day and can be a powerful divination tool. The beat, subject and tempo of the song can have an impact on your day.

The latest pop music will effect you differently than a chart song. You should experiment, and see how days go by using different musical energy.

Food is another path to divination. They say you are what you eat, and the different sensations you experience from the same food can be different depending on the day. Maybe the color of your toast can change the course of your day.

Compare your breakfasts every day to see how the day unfolds. Eventually you will be able to predict the course of your day simple from the energy that surrounds you during breakfast.

Everyone commutes, whether it is a short bike ride or a long train ride. It involves your sense of sight, every day you will notice that some things stay the same, but some things change.

Divine your love life by driving to a flower shop. Is your lover more receptive and plesant when the flower shop is crowded. Maybe he would propose to you if there was another flower shop on your route. You can divine what your future holds by using everyday clues that you see during your commute.

Exercise is a routine that has enough variables that you can see the effects of slight changes. Change your fitness equipment, or the length of time that you are on it and see if your day progresses differently.

Small changes can have a big impact, and if you are paying attention you will notice the subtle shifts in the destiny that awaits you.

Chanting for Abundance – How Do You Do It?

Chanting for Abundance – How Do You Do It?

tarot reading abundance by Marc van der Chijs

Chanting for abundance is used across the globe. Photo by Marc van der Chijs

There is an ancient form of chanting called Chanting For Abundance. I have used a Sanskrit chant which is a chant that I have learned with ease. I have adapted this chant as my own. Chanting helps improve my thought process while helping me focus on abundance. Chanting can be a powerful tool although it is not what make me feel powerful. It is the feeling of creativity that I receive when chanting that makes me feel powerful. The chanting basically sets the wheels in motion like a free psychic reading.

The process of chanting can manifest the results of abundance. This works by creating the vibration of abundance. I believe that abundance is plentiful and we live in a world that has plenty of it to offer. which helps me stay focused on the abundance that surrounds me.

What happens when I do not feel abundance? This is the best time for me to chant. By focusing on abundance I will be able to create it. If I was to focus on the lack of abundance this would not create any abundance. This would also be considered a negative focus therefore it is important to keep a positive focus in order to create abundance. For example if I suddenly felt unhappy I would stop to focus on being happy. This simply changes my thoughts to what I really want to feel.

Here Are The Basics OF Chanting:

1. Before you begin chanting you should choose a Mantra. If you would like to choose the Mantra Sanskrit you will need to call upon Lakshmi – The Goddess Of Abundance. The Mantra for this is:

“Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha” is pronounced “ohm shreem maha-lak-shmee-yay swa-ha”

The majority of chants usually begin with OM. OM means the vibration of the supreme and is the name of God.

The SHRIM Mantra attracts abundance. The repeated sound of Shrim gives the ability to maintain abundance.

MAHA which means great gives an actual quantity as well as a certain quality to the chant. This part of the chant gives it a boost and harmonizes the divine law of chanting.

In Sanskrit LAKSHMI is the Goddess of Abundance which means energy of the abundance.

SWAHA actually means “I testify.” Namaha which can also be used means “I bow.” This part of the chant releases the prayer. This chant was created so that others could understand the powerful vibrations and intentions of the chant. This Mantra was created by mystics in ancient times and is the one I prefer to use.

2. While using this chant for abundance, you can either say the words or sing them. It is also acceptable for you to say them silently to yourself.

3. This chant should be performed a total of 108 times for 40 consecutive days. You should chant twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. You should not miss a day or you will have to completely start over.

After you have completed your 40 days of chanting you should experience more abundance in your life. At this point you should be well on your way of creating and attracting more abundance in every aspect of your life.

St. Patrick’s Day – Origins in Psychic and Magic

St. Patrick’s Day – Origins in Psychic and Magic

St. Patrick's Day Magic Druid by tim ellis

St. Patrick’s Day is usually associated with the Irish. Photo by tim ellis

Saint Patrick’s Day has celebrations have expanded beyond the shores of Ireland. Today, the religious feast festival for Catholics is celebrated in America and Great Britain. Like St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day is named after the Irish saint St. Patrick who died on March 17th. How did St. Patrick become so revered that he had a festival thrown in his honor? The legend begins like this…

Does St. Patrick’s Day Have Irish Roots?  Is There a Connection with Magic and Druids?

St. Patrick’s Day is often associated with the Irish.  But is that it’s origins? St. Patrick is not Irish. He is Scottish. He was born in the 4th century to Roman parents. Before he took on the name Patricious, Patrick for short, he was known as Maewyn Succat. Patrick grew up as a non-believer of Christianity. His journey with God did not begin until he was kidnapped and sold into slavery to the Celtic Druids. This created a new outlook on life for him, and he started to form a relationship with the Christian God. St. Patrick remained a slave for six years before escaping. He credits his escape to God giving him the instructions to achieve his freedom, not a free psychic reading online or any other psychic related material.

St. Patrick’s Day True Origins

st. patrick's day leprechaun by OZinOH

Exactly how did leprechauns become part of St Patrick’s day? PHoto by OZinOH

So if St. Patrick’s Day isn’t Irish… where did it come from? St. Patrick ran off to France. In France, he joined a priesthood and became a bishop. One day, he had a dream of the Irish people calling out to him for help. So he left France and returned to Ireland. He felt he had a mission to turn Irish pagans into Christians. The Celtic Druids arrested him for his actions. Each time, he escaped their custody. St. Patrick converted the Irish people by baptizing them and preaching Christianity to them. He also used gifts to get people’s attention. He continued this mission for 20 years. He traveled all over Ireland to establish monasteries. He also set up schools and churches for his converters. Because of his due diligence, the people of Ireland celebrate his life on March 17th.

How is St. Patrick’s day celebrated?

Shamrocks are front and center when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Most Irish people where them on their lapels and caps. Children where a green, white and orange badge to celebrate the day. Girls can also be seen wearing green ribbons in their hair. Why is the Shamrock so important? St. Patrick used the shamrock to represent God’s Holy trinity. The Holy trinity is the father, the son and the holy spirit. For centuries, the shamrock was a simple of luck for the Irish people. He used their pagan belief in the Shamrock’s luck to make them understand Christianity. The Shamrock has a long history in Ireland. It was a national symbol when the English invaded the Celtics. It is thing of reverence for the Irish.

Other Irish traditions associated with St. Patrick’s day

Leprechauns and Irish fairy people are also a big part of the St. Patrick’s festival. Leprechauns are mythical Irish elves that live on the island of Ireland.  But leprechauns had very little to do with the day’s origins or St. Patrick himself, but rather they were added in because of their place in Irish folklore.  Oddly, they actually have more to do with the Celtic times and the Druids than they do with any Christian saint.  One might say it’s more than just irony that a pagan creature features so prominently in a Christian day.

There are many legends surrounding St. Patrick. The best thing to take from St. Patty’s day is that the Ireland people are proud to be Irish. They have overcome a lot, and thanks to St. Patrick they know they have to the strength to continue overcoming any obstacle.  But there’s no reason than pagan origins, Druid cults or odd creatures from Irish folklore should prevent you from grabbing a green beer, dressing up in all green and enjoying St. Patrick’s Day!

Valentine’s Day and It’s History

Valentine’s Day and It’s History

valentine's day psychic by Philippe Milbault

Valentine’s day has a history dating back to Roman times. Photo by Philippe Milbault

Valentine’s Day which is on February 14th is a day that is filled with romance. This day is remembered in celebration of St. Valentine. During this time many people express their love by giving loved one’s greeting cards, candy, and flowers. Although many people celebrate this day many people are unaware on why they actually celebrate it or what the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is. Originally there were 3 Saints that were recognized by the Catholic church as martyred of the divine love and one of these Saints was named Valentine.

Valentine’s Day and St. Valentine

At this time in history Emperor Claudius II restricted certain marriages. During his ruling he felt that a single man who was in the military would perform better in a time of a war if he was not married and did not have children. Fortunately St. Valentine did not feel that Emperor Claudius II was right. St. Valentine decided he would perform secret marriages despite Emperor Claudius II laws. Unfortunately St. Valentine’s secret marriages were discovered by the Emperor. He was then imprisoned and put to death.

Roman Gods and Valentine’s Day

valentine's day psychic online by Matt Madd

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February since it is believed that St. Valentine was executed on February 14th in remembrance of his teachings of love. Photo by Matt Madd

According to the legends 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ Roman Emperors were still enforcing that people worship the Roman Gods. This is were St. Valentine was also mentioned as a person who practiced Christianity and he was put in prison because of it. During this time St. Valentine had preformed a miracle. He had given the blind daughter of one of the jailers her sight back. Unfortunately this miracle and the fact that he practiced Christianity was the reason he was executed on February 14th. Also according to the legend the day before his execution he wrote a farewell letter to the girl and signed it “From Your Valentine.” This created the first official Valentine’s card that started billions of Americans that now celebrate the holiday.

Why February for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February since it is believed that St. Valentine was executed on February 14th in remembrance of his teachings of love. According to Roman history they celebrated the Harvest Festival of Lupercalia on the 15th. Lupercalia is the Roman God of fertility. That day was set aside by the Romans to give honor to Lupercalia and the Roman Empires. The Christians then decided that they would celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th in remembrance of the Christian Saint. It was also considered during the middle ages that February 14th started the mating season for the birds. This day throughout history has always given the meaning of love and romance.

Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Gifts became part of the tradition of Valentine’s Day to go along with greeting cards to express the feeling of love. People may give gifts such as chocolates, candies, flowers, and jewelry too express their appreciation or even get couple free psychic readings. Valentine’s Day is often accompanied by a special dinner, a marriage proposal, and is also a day when many people actually get married. This day has become as important as Christmas and New Years, especially to lovers.

March 2014 Astrology Forecast

March 2014 Astrology Forecast

March 2014 Astrology Forecast by Whatisall

March 2014 Astrology Forecast by Whatisall

In the March 2014 Astrology Forecast, a new month beckons in March and in the first half of the month new paths will be formed, however, events will remain low-key. The planets of Saturn and Mars are slowing down, bringing a phase of reflection and looking within yourself. In the immediate future it is advised to put off planning big projects unless they are for the long term and require sticking power. An increase in discipline and concentration will be felt during this period, however, it is essential that you remember to examine your personal life thoroughly and look at your motivation in all aspects of life including work, sport, health and personal goals through astrology or psychic readings.

Jupiter and Mercury in March 2014 Astrology Forecast

Despite this, the planets of Jupiter and Mercury are directly moving and Lilith is entering Leo providing progression in some areas of life, such as home and family life, education, science and communication in the March 2014 Astrology Forecast. This can lead to an upward turn in things relating to creativity, spirituality and travel if the correct steps are taken.

Later part of the March 2014 Astrology Forecast

The latter part of March will be an excellent time for bringing new impulses into relationships, for expanding your contact network and also for finding inspiration through communicating with others. However, maintain patience, as you may have to wait for a while before reaping the benefits of these encounters. Overall, March should be viewed as a month where you can regain and build strength in preparation for a turbulent April.


Aries March 2014 Astrology ForecastThe last three months have taught you a lot regarding communication and co-operation. The middle of March brings a time where you can begin to use this in bringing some new ideas into your existing relationships and test them out. The time has passed when you were a hero in battle alone and togetherness and creating a harmonious atmosphere is where your energy must be focused for the next year and a half. During this period many opportunities will be presented to develop important virtues such as compromise, tolerance and patience.


Taurus March 2014 Astrology ForecastDuring the last 18 months there was at least one point where you finally managed to step out of your comfort zone and place a foot into real life, it could have even been a recent occurrence. It was certainly a very brave move and definitely the right one. The challenges it presented may still be with you now but you are standing on solid ground again and have a sense of where you are now. March will bring more situations where you are pushed to get going and allow change to take place. It is important to remain playful, experiment with yourself and be ready to try new things.


GeminiThe beginning of March will bring a development that will grow and has been flagging you, yet motivating and activating you, since January. The middle of the month bring opportunity to dive into all things with the potential to open your senses and expand you horizons, even if this means dissolving your usual boundaries and with them the corners of your own world. You should dare to enter unusual spaces, allow yourself to be open to new experiences and not worry about lack of experiential context. See what can happen through healing, magic, the sacred and Muses.


CancerThe first part of the March 2014 Astrology Forecast will bring a chance to expand your horizons. Whichever area, no matter whether it is inner or outer, exceeding the limits you usually place on yourself will bring valuable and fulfilling experiences. After the month has reach mid-point, the energy focus will shift to a need for more planning and a strong urge for clarity and structure. You should put your ideas into practice immediately. From the 26th a feel-good program and relaxation is offered until the new moon begins in Aries on the 30th and get you on the move again.


LeoThings are working out beautifully in your world, however, there may be a feeling of unusual hyper-sensitivity. You shouldn’t fight your vulnerability, it is what makes you human and loveable, instead continue to discover the hidden strength it can give you. After the 20th of the month the vulnerability you are feeling will be changed back to the usual courage and resilience you possess and enterprising energy will increase. The new moon at the end of the month may make you become quite demanding and you should be wary. Enjoy who you are and what you love because anything less will bring about a feeling of restlessness and make you feel you lack fulfilment.


VirgoThe March 2014 Astrology Forecast centers around a theme of relating, simply put this month is about balancing both your male and female sides. The balancing act is about one side requiring a need to flow and relax and the other side trying to make sense of things that are going on. Try to mediate the questions you are asking; what belongs here? What is regular and easy for you? What would you still like to achieve and why have you been hindered in this process? Both side make up part of what being human is all about so it is advisable to befriend them and invite them into your life.


LibraDuring the course of this month you will feel your spirit of adventure and personal power beginning to grow. It will become easier for you to make a move in a certain direction as you are full of self-confidence and are becoming more daring and independent. If you find obstacles trying to block your path it is not a cosmic sign that you are wrong. Remember that everyone has obstacles to overcome and use your creativity and ideas to leap over them. Gain inspiration from people around you and be the captain of your own ship.


ScorpioA vital stage of reflection is beginning that will bring you deep inside yourself and last until the end of July. The process will not be fully complete until November (early September for late Scorpios) and once it is finished you will be able to project your energy outwards again. The best attitude for you to carry is to let go of things. You should remain in control of yourself but allow things to develop naturally, trying to hold back from too much interference. The harder you try to control things the more complicated these things will become.


SagittariusThe wind is changing direction and the March 2014 Astrology Forecast is about gaining new mental orientation and new learnings. You will recoup your full trust in the direction things are taking, gaining a new understanding where you may have been previously lost. You can recognize all the unnecessary worries you were having and maybe even come through the recent months in a more relaxed state then before. The lesson will be learned when between December and April 2015 a similar configuration will be present in the skies.


Capricorn March 2014 Astrology ForecastThere will be a clarification process regarding your relationships which will be discovered during the first half of the month, providing you with more peace and stability allowing you to become relaxed and realistic. It will then become less important to feel the need to regulate and order every minute detail. You should remain open to suggestions from outside sources, even if they seem like they will knock you off your perch. It is not about taking initiative, rather being prepared to seize a good opportunity.


AquariusOnce you have finished the work of clarifying things and begin some new initiatives during the first half of March, you should follow the voice within. The voice can heard in your silence and you shouldn’t seek the answers but find situations that will help you gain peace. Emerging from the stillness the answers will come flooding out of their own accord if they are necessary. Perhaps all that is needed is silence in your heart and everything else will flow naturally. Towards the end of the month try to practice patience.


Pisces March 2014 Astrology ForecastFor perfectionists this is a perfect month. Be aware, however, a streak of perfectionism can create tension during the first period of March so you should try to relax and allow yourself to be carried along. The second half of March is all about the use of mental skills and expanding those skills. Don’t allow yourself to be content but ask questions, get to the root of the problem and take risks. If your views don’t work out when being tested, take a breath and change your mind.


Western Astrology Horoscopes for February 2014

Western Astrology Horoscopes for February 2014

horoscopes February 2014 astrology by Matthew Cook

On 1st February weekends, the horoscopes say the planets will remain calm and the Moon will be in emphatic Pisces.Photo by Matthew Cook

The start of the February month announces the passage of winter and the onset of the early spring season. It is that time of the year when winter begins to recede and human minds and heart are full of romantic and spiritual sides of life. The positions of the planets in this month can influence a desire for romance and can also mislead. A significant event happens around this time is when Mercury retrogrades throughout the month while Jupiter and Uranus is in standoff assuring fanatics thoughts and wonderful ideas. According to thea recent psychic readings free and horoscopes could be month of sublime and ridiculous at the same time.

Horoscopes for the Beginning of February

On 1st February weekends, the horoscopes say the planets will remain calm and the Moon will be in emphatic Pisces. Overall, the time will remain harmonious and relaxing. The horoscope around February looks promising as new projects start on 3rd February due to the busy Aries Moon shining over everyone. On Tuesday, 4th February the life will slow down and there could be possibilities of delays ahead as Mercury retrograde back on Thursday, February 6th. Between Wednesday, February 5th and Friday, 7th, things will not be going smoothly as according to the horoscopes, there could be a misunderstanding, confusions, possible delays and technical issues.

Changes in Horoscopes Starting the 7th

When the Moon enters flighty Gemini on Friday afternoon, February 7th, one can remain undecided, not knowing where to go. As Mercury is a ruler of Gemini, it may go backwards on this weekend according to the horoscopes. But it will remain close to Neptune and provide energy for beginning creative projects. It will remain an excellent weekend as Mercury retrograde its positive sides and one may like catching up with old friends or contacting past loved ones. The moon will lose its course on Sunday afternoon, February 9th and one would like to spend the evening in a quiet contemplation.

The Sun and Saturn in February’s Horoscopes

horoscopes astrology february 2014 by Steve A Hill

The horoscopes of February 10th beings with low energy and down luck as the Sun continues to argue with Saturn. Photo by Steve A Hill

The week of February 10th beings with low energy and down luck as the Sun continues to argue with Saturn. The Moon will be in emotional Cancer and many would see themselves expressing their woes through Tuesday evening, February 11th. When the Moon crosses into fun loving Leo and Mercury backs into original thinking Aquarius, there could be a sudden transformation of moods on Wednesday, February 12th. Towards the end of the week, with the excitement of approaching Valentine’s Day in mind, the human sprits will be shifting towards romantic behavior with the Sun and Mars providing the steamy and sexy side of love.

Horoscopes Around Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day on February 14th will begin with the full Moon under Leo entire weekend. Be ready to have some fun and romance. The horoscope predicts the spirit of romance likely remain in this year. Those who are not interested in this celebration, Friday will be a good day to meet with people and finishing up the projects. On Saturday, February 15th, Mercury will cross the Sun and it will come under the light of Virgo Moon. This sharpens the mind and a new project can be looked after with great detail and attention. The concentrated focus will remain throughout the Sunday, February 16th. This will continue to remain great weekend for completing the projects and getting the pending things done.

President’s Day Horoscopes

The week of February 17th, President’s day will start under the absence of coarse Moon. The Monday morning will have a gloomy start with people avoiding any conversation and would like to work alone till the afternoon. The Moon will then enter balanced Libra and people will get back to their normal business of attending meetings and conference calls. Next day, on Tuesday, February 18, the Sun will enter intuitive Pisces and there will a lack of diplomacy because Mercury and Saturn will be in the argument. The balance will return on Wednesday morning, February 19, when people will regain their normalcy and may be able to solve their problems till the weekends.Over the weekend of February 21st when the Moon will be at its 4th quarter, the horoscopes predict a fairly stable mood. The Sun will cross in front of Neptune on Sunday, February 23, 2014 and it would enlighten the spiritual connection and activate the imagination throughout the week. The adventurous Sagittarius Moon would present a great weekend for travelling.

Horoscopes for the End of February

The horoscope outlook around the week of February 24th would encourage taking initiative with Jupiter poking at Uranus. Many will feel having the underlying urge to take risks and make changes throughout the week. There will be an opportunity to impress as Venus whispers sweetly into Saturn’s ear. Illogical ideas are likely to come Tuesday and Wednesday, February 25th and 26th when Jupiter and Uranus come to their climax of their confrontation.These ideas are better left aside and can be considered after the first of next month. As the month ends, there may be delays, miscommunication and internet problems on Thursday and Friday, February 27th and 28th. The blessings of the Sun and Jupiter will boost the confidence and will empower to handle most of the problems without a hitch.

There will not be a heavy planetary action happening around March but the retrograde will look down upon many and will have an influence on their actions and thoughts. Mars and Saturn will start their retrograde and many would be feeling lethargic to work hard. Check back next month to find what the monthly horoscopes of March say and how it will influence you in the daily life.

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Chinese New Year 2014 and Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year 2014 and Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse Chinese Astrology 2014 by කේදාර KhE 龙

January 31, 2014 Begins The Chinese Year of The Horse! Photo by කේදාර KhE 龙

January 31, 2014 Begins The Chinese Year of The Horse!  The twelve specific animals that do make up the Chinese Zodiac are divided up into different elements. Each one of these specific animals does have varying types of characteristics that are all their own. This year in 2014, there is a Wooden Horse, that does have traits that are slightly weaker than those belonging to other horses. However, it is very clear thinking, and does have power to replace the old with the new. This new-spirited horse is truly volatile and has its own dynamic yang energy. Nonetheless, all horses are viewed as being fortunate, and each do bring lots of good luck during the Year of the Horse.

Year of the Horse and Its Characteristics

Horses are truly wonderful animals for a lot of reasons and not just during the year of the horse. Not only do they represent freedom, they also define it. They are also very graceful, generous, and very noble creatures. Adult horses do tend to sleep standing up because of their weight, but this is only for three hours a day. They also have amazing ears that have the ability to swivel up to 180 degrees. They also have large eyes, as well as, memories that are far bigger than those of elephants. Horses are also very sensitive and they have been known to run away from danger at 50 mph, if need be, to seek out safety. However, horses are also known for defending themselves, very well, if they do need to. They also tend to adore crowds of people for whatever reason.

Those Born During the Year of the Horse

chinese year of the horse astrology zodiac by chooyutshing

The ones who are born during the year of the horse will see a very good year in 2014! Photo by chooyutshing

Horses are somewhat like people, and the way people do resemble them closely is in the, intelligence factor, the happiness, loyalty, unselfish, very enthusiastic, and lots of fun. They also know how to talk far too much, are hot-blooded and can be very pessimistic, and are always needy of support. Those born during the year of the horse also tend to spend too much and waste money, which is bad for finances. They can be un-materialistic though, which is a plus, in their favor. Horses do also love to travel a great deal and see the world. They also love to dance a lot, hate silence, and discipline is not their cup of tea. Horse people also tend to fall in love easily, get their hearts literally stepped on, and do mix very well with tiger, dog, and goat people. The ones that aren’t at all compatible with them are rats, monkeys, and rabbits.

Year of the Horse 2014

The ones who are born during the year of the horse will see a very good year in 2014. Independence is something that does bring about luck and prosperity in abundance. However, it can also bring with it, health issues and possible accidents too. Jobs may also suffer. Some of the good job options are for athlete, technician, teacher, driver, or politician. You should not be afraid of any new ventures, but do keep your emotions in check, and think very carefully about getting married. It is also a very good year to have a baby.

Most Important Horse Years

If you happen to have been born during any of the years listed here. You are indeed a horse. The years are as follows: From 30/01/1930 to 16/02/1931, 15/02/1942 to 04/02/1843, 03/02/1954 to 23/01/1955, 21/01/1966 to 08/02/1967, 07/02/1978 to 27/01/1979, 27/01/1990 to 14/02/1991, and 12/02/2002 to 21/01/2003.

A Few Important People Born during the Year of the Horse

These are the names of some of the most famous of horse people. They are no other than Barbra Streisand, Clint Eastwood, Sir Isaac Newton, Genghis Khan, Oprah Winfrey, Neil Armstrong, Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Sean Connery, Teddy Roosevelt, Rembrandt, and Jimmy Hendrix.  Most of these believed in online psychic readings.

Predictions For Year of the Horse 2014

The year of 2014 is said to be something that will be very energetic with lots of feelings being amplified. A lot of people will alter the energy around them and bring a lot of real surprise to financial markets. The month of March will serve to be very volatile with Uranus by Mars and Aries. Try to stay cool and remain vigilant. This will also be a year to travel far away. There will also exist a chance to become more spiritual.

During a horse year, there will be no middle ground, when it comes down to conflicts. The rising costs of food, oil, and the presence of extreme weather will bring about protests. The United States will continue to prosper, but there is still real trouble with guns. Western Europe will continue to struggle both economically, as well as, politically, but there will be a change in leadership. This change in leadership will occur in Southern Europe and the Middle East will help out. China, as well as, the Far East will continue to prosper too. China will start to innovate more than just copy others. They will continue to have problems with natural disasters though.

Professor Boyle of Cambridge University does strongly believe that a “doomsday moment” will pop up in 2014. He has stated that during the last 500 years, there was some international event that did happen, and it was catastrophic in description. It supposedly did occur in the middle of the second decade for each century. The present financialcrisis is something that can very well be a real trigger for that.

Those who were born under the year of the horse may like:

  • A Western Equivalent: Is Gemini
  • Favorite Color: Orange and black
  • Favorite Numbers: 8 and 1
  • Favorite Gemstones: Topaz

So make sure you go out and celebrate the Chinese New Year this year and if you were born under the year of the horse, then take to heart the characteristics described above and also the predictions for the year of the horse and make it a great year!

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