2014 Predictions for All Astrology Signs

2014 Predictions for All Astrology Signs

2014 predictions astrology forecast horoscopes by Helga Weber

2014 predictions for all horoscopes – including Scorpio! Just watch that stinger! Photo by Helga Weber

To start off 2014 the right way, we’re publishing some 2014 Predictions for all of the astrology signs.  Whether you are a Gemini or a Virgo, read on to find out what 2014 predictions are in store for you!  Later this month, we’ll be publishing our 2014 predictions for the Chinese Year of the Horse, but this article will deal with the western astrological signs.  So reading on, but most of all, Happy New Year and make it a great one!

2014 Predictions for Aries, Taraus and Gemini

Aries: This year will be freeing for you. You will have newfound energy that brings you back to your center and results in a feeling of belonging in the world. You will experience primitive urges. You will find yourself in a new place, creatively speaking, leading you to begin seeing the possibility of a business revival. You will start to see and understand new ways that you can be successful in ways that allow you to be true to yourself by getting a free online psychic reading.

Taurus: While the beginning of 2014 may not be easy, you will understand that the obstacles you are facing will only help you move forward. Don’t give in and give up at the start of 2014 if it is not as professionally or financially successful as you desire. There is no doubt that you will be ambitious and may develop a new idea for professional success. Your ideas have the potential to work, but it is a process you must work through. You will see the results by the end of the year when you find yourself in a better position.

Gemini: You may realize that you are dissatisfied in your current situation and ask yourself, “Where do I feel comfortable? What makes me feel at home?” This feeling of dissatisfaction may have you contemplating big changes, but it doesn’t matter how they come about. The positive changes you will make will leave you feeling settled, both literally and metaphorically, and in a better place. It may feel as if you are ending an old life, and you may find that the grass is actually greener on the other side. Be willing to consider new things in 2014.

2014 Predictions for Cancer, Leo and Virgo

2014 predictions horoscope astrology signs by Remko van Dokkum

Find your 2014 predictions by looking under your astrology sign. PHoto by Remko van Dokkum

Cancer: You might be anxious regarding your opportunity to make money doing what you want or love. It is likely that you will be considering new ways of working because some are no longer yielding the desired results. You will have fantastic ideas this year and at least one will be a big success. Be bold! Additionally, realize that you can find time to treat yourself. Also, you will come into money or find a better way to make money. It may involve an increase in salary and travel can be expected. Regardless of what financial situation you are in, it is vital that you make taking care of yourself a higher priority.

Leo: This will be a year of change and you may see dreams fulfilled in unexpected ways. You will leave many things behind you as you travel down the path to success this year. During the first part of the year, you will be in a preparation phase. You may want to develop new formats and forms to ease your move ahead. Your talents and skills will be important. Could you take on a position of more responsibility? Yes! You will be motivated, idealistic, find new ways of earning an income, and contemplate the possibility of developing something new. However, be prepared to leave a lot behind and go through life changes to become the effective, powerful person you can be.

Virgo: You may consider an environmental change and have new ideas about your opportunities. This should be embraced because it will open up your life as you transition and develop new dreams through the year. Change is positive for you! If nothing changes and you languish in your current place, you may go out into the world in a more abstract and virtual way allowing you to learn about foreign environments or develop new interests. You will eventually find a way to gain perspective in 2014. You are on your way and this will likely occur in August. As far as your finances, keep in mind that an egg cannot be considered a chicken until it has hatched.

2014 Predictions for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Libra: You will find yourself having more fun. An idea you have been apprehensive about becomes easier to act on mid-year. Expect a positive, clarifying, successful, and healing year. You will experience success that has been coming for a long time in multiple areas you have been working on. It is a good year to direct people in some way and write because you will have great communication skills. You will be drawn to work and tasks that are suited for you. You will see personal areas resolved before you begin to focus on relationships.

Scorpio: You will have an easier adjustment to life. You feel empowered to join society or work in a meaningful way. You will be able to do what you’ve dreamed of in the world. You will begin to set higher aims for you love life. You will desire more in relationships and you will develop more confidence about finding love. You will be able to incorporate more of the world into your daily life through work and travel. You will set yourself up into a more practical and concrete way of life allowing you to become better organized for the future.

Sagittarius: Personal growth can be expected this year. You will see change as your self-confidence improves. Travel and association with others are enriching. Where you are in your life will give you the power to get things accomplished with others. However, you might find that something is more “expensive” that it appeared to be at first because there is more involved and sorrow is combined in one package. Be aware that there is a silver lining when something doesn’t work. The replacement almost always is much better.

2014 Predictions for Capricorn,Aquarius and Picses

Capricorn: During the mid-year, you will rush toward new things. You will experience a crowning in several of your abilities and they may combine to find you in a new role where you are more successful and complete. In addition, your projects could lead to increased financial security. This year will allow you to see what you’ve got. Pay attention to earth messages about making improvements early. Pending offers may come through or projects that have been worked on may be completed.

Aquarius: You are alive with ideas and associations are favored. You will get second chances and fresh starts. Keep everything under control except your creativity. You will have a new story in 2014 due to an improvement in operating conditions or an increase in consciousness. You will find it easier to walk away from things. Additionally, you see lots of improvement and change during 2014. You will see new ventures, work, plans, and ideas and have plenty of supportive ideas for them.

Pisces: This is a year for a new journey including one that previously stalled. You will gain peace of mind and see a departure from your previous life in 2014. You will continue to dream and think about what presents a higher octave in your life. You will become ready for love and this may include physical changes. If you already have a partner, your mate begin to see in a better or more admirable light. You will see reasons to continue taking good care of yourself and you will become better at it.

2014 Predictions for the Elemental Signs

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius): Re-ignite your fire this year. You will feel free to do what is necessary for prosperity. It’s more difficult if you must know what is necessary to be successful; never mind how things currently look. Do what you feel compelled to do. It will eventually lead to success.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces): You must clear things out of your life for your route of prosperity to open up. You must also know what you should put the most energy into and be willing to begin at the start of something. Realize that you have the inner resources, strength, and tools to start in this freer place.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius): You will have more support as well as better connections this year. However, you still realize that it is up to you, your work, and your follow through to make your prospects into a success. You have an excellent running start due to the plans you had developed prior to the year beginning.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn): There is a good chance your new ideas will not result in revenue this year, but you will gain invaluable feedback. Don’t overextend yourself while investing in something new. This year is more of a dreaming and experience gathering phase.

And that’s it for our 2014 astrology readings.  We will be coming out with monthly or bi-monthly astrology forecasts as well as additional articles on psychics, psychic powers, tarot readings, psychic readings online and much more!  So stay with us for a great year and even more 2014 predictions!

2014 predictions horoscope astrology

How to Give an Expert Tarot Reading Online or Offline

How to Give an Expert Tarot Reading Online or Offline

tarot reading online reading free

You can give an expert tarot reading online by following these simple suggestions. Photo by tamaki

When it comes to tarot cards, a tarot reading online or face-to-face is more than just knowing what each card means. Although it is important to understand each tarot card spread and each individual card. It is also important to learn how to trust in your natural instincts when giving a tarot reading. With a little patience and these easy steps you will be able to give a great tarot card reading online or offline!  Just remember that practice makes perfect so make sure you practice these suggestions as often as possible so that they become natural to you.  If you can’t practice with someone face-to-face, try practicing by giving a tarot reading online using Skype or Facetime or offering a absolutely free psychic reading.

Knowing Your Tarot deck Before A Tarot Reading Online

Before you have given your first reading it is important to know your tarot deck. This will help you have a better understanding of your cards and will help you feel more comfortable with your deck. It is important for you to understand each one of your cards and how they relate to other cards. Being unprepared with your cards can show when you are giving tarot reading.  Always become as familiar with your deck as possible and take extra time with a new Tarot Deck before doing a tarot reading online with it.

Preparing A Peaceful Environment for Your Tarot Reading Online

Next, by preparing a peaceful environment, it will help you stay in tune too what the cards are saying during a reading. T he environment that you are doing the tarot reading in can greatly effect the reader as well as the one receiving the reading. It is also important to clear your mind of all outside influences in order to give an accurate reading. The place in which you choose to read should be comfortable for both you and the one receiving the reading. This peaceful environment that you create will help you stay focused and make a more enjoyable experience for the one you are reading for. Candles can also be lit to help your create a more effective mood for the tarot reading online if they can see you through video chat.

Shuffling The Cards During a Tarot Reading Online

tarot reading online free readings tarot by SanFranAnnie

Preparing A Peaceful Environment for Your Tarot Reading Online. Photo by SanFranAnnie

When it comes to shuffling the cards during a tarot reading online there are a few different ways that it can be done. Before the reading the one who is getting the reading will actually touch the cards. Although there are actual some tarot readers who do not want anyone touching their cards. If you allow the inquirer to touch your cards it is important for them to concentrate on the question that they have while they are shuffling. By staying focused while shuffling it will help them transfer that energy onto the cards. There is also a certain way of cutting the deck depending on the preference of the reader. One of the most popular methods is to have the inquire cut the deck 3 times with their left hand before handing the cards over to the reader.

In a Tarot Reading Online, Choosing The Right Tarot Spread Is Important

Tarot spreads are laid out in various patterns depending on which reading you are doing. Each tarot spread is used to interpret a reading. Each card is placed in a certain position that will help complete the reading and will also relate to the other cards in the spread. With these certain combinations you will be able to complete a reading. It is important to choose a spread that relates to the question that is being asked by the one who you are reading for. This will help give them an accurate reading while it will also help you answer any question they may have. It is also possible to come up with your on method and spread that may work better in certain situations that are not as common. This may help you give a more accurate reading for certain individuals.

Select A Signifier Card for Each Tarot Reading Online

The signifier card is the card that you will choose to represent the person that you are reading for. This card can be chosen as a personal representation of the person or a representation of their current situation. The court cards are often chosen that have a similar look to the person that is getting a reading or the card may be chosen that has the same astrological sign as the person. If their current situation is of a serious nature you may even choose from the major or minor arcana cards. The major arcana cards will represent a serious situation in a tarot reading online. As the minor arcana cards will represent more of a common situation. The signifier card also helps you to stay focused on the person while you are giving them a reading. This card is often centrally located in correspondence with the other cards.

Framing The Question During a Tarot Reading Online

Finally, depending on how the inquirer asks the question will also influence how the cards can be read. If the question is to vague it may be hard to come up with an answer to their question. If they are more specific in their question it may be easier to answer. If they leave the question open ended it can actually reveal more of what is going on in their life that they may not have been aware of. With an open ended question you may be able to discover some very interesting aspects that may have been hidden.  This works especially well during a tarot reading online if the person cannot see you through video chat.

Hopefully, the easy steps above will help you to become a better tarot reader and allow you to excel at giving both face-to-face readings and readings online.  Remember, these should not be just steps.  You should integrate these into your normal ritual or reading practice.  Only then, when these steps are second nature will you be able to give an expert tarot reading online whenever called upon!

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Myths About Psychic Powers Revealed!

Myths About Psychic Powers Revealed!

psychic powers psychic abilities psychics by Foenix

The reality of psychic powers is often very different than that portrayed on TV, in movies or in comic books. Photo by Foenix

If you watch enough movies or television about people with psychic powers you begin to believe that these people can perform amazing feats on command. You almost expect to see objects flying around the room whenever you are around or see a psychic with extremely developed psychic powers like in the current TV show The Tomorrow People. Those of us with real psychic abilities or psychic powers know that life is nothing like movies such as the X-Men or Chronicle. Therefore, we have developed this list of 5 common myths that people think all psychics are capable of. Hopefully, this will put to rest the most common myth – that we can teleport, which doesn’t even make the list of psychic powers myths – although trust me, I wish I could teleport most days!.

Myth or Reality – If a person with psychic powers receives a message, and gives it to you, that whatever the message is, it is going to happen – no matter what you do or don’t do

The reality is that  no one is destined to do any specific thing – psychic powers or not. Any information a psychic receives about you has to do with your current path in life. By changing the course of your life you can effectively change what happens in your future. This could mean that you will not experience what the psychic said would happen.

 Psychics know everything about you, from the foods you eat right down to the brand of under garments you wear – Fact or Fiction?

psychic abilities psychic powers psychic reading by PrincessFroglips

Another common myth is that all those with psychic powers can communicate with the dead. Photo by PrincessFroglips

The truth is, if a psychic spent a lot of hours and energy trying to find out such mundane facts about you during a psychic readings online for free, it would be a personal waste of their time and psychic powers. Receiving energy from the spirits takes little effort when the spirit wants to tell you something. Trying to find more specific details that the spirit is not looking for takes a ton of energy. It just doesn’t make sense to expend that much energy to determine such trivial things about someone.  So no, the psychic sitting across from you or the online psychic you’re speaking to DOESN’T know what sort of underwear you’re wearing – if you’re wearing any at all!

Science has never been able to prove that true psychic powers exist

This is only partly true. Science has not been able to measure psychic powers in any way that would be 100% accurate. Some things can be reproduced, by not with enough accuracy to be sure of its truth. Some scientists have seen enough to know that something is happening, just that they cannot always scientifically reproduce those results. The number of scientists studying these abilities continues to grow. It is only a matter of time before they develop a new technique that will allow them to accurately measure these powers.

Myth: All those with psychic powers read tarot cards

Reality: A lot of psychics do read tarot cards, a lot of psychics do not. There are many psychics who work exclusively with one or more of the Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) powers such as Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Clairvoyance and never read tarot cards. There are some psychics who exclusively use tarot cards, and some of these psychics learned to read tarot cards mainly because their customers preferred having their cards read over any other psychic reading.


People with Psychic Powers communicate with the dead, and this is where they get all their information

Some do and some don’t. There is a lot of misinformation on what is meant by “communicating with dead people”. Not many people know that the majority of Spirit Guides were alive at one point in time, but have chosen to become a guide to help living people. Most people have no problem understanding communication with Spirit Guides. There are also some psychics who can communicate with a specific person or people who have passed on. However, not every psychic has (or wants) this special ability.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of some of the more common myths surrounding those with psychic abilities.  Remember, TV and movies are fiction.  They portray things is romanticized, stereotypical ways to make the movie interesting and attract viewers.  The reality of most things is much more mundane and that includes psychic powers.  While there are people out there with amazing abilities, the reality of having psychic powers isn’t nearly as fantastical as it is often portrayed.

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Free Tarot Reading Sites – Are They Legitimate?

Free Tarot Reading Sites – Are They Legitimate?

free tarot reading tarot reading free online by mygirlrobot

Tarot readings, in their most simple form, are read with a deck of cards that contain various pictures. Photo by mygirlrobot

For those of you who are new to Tarot, tarot readings, in their most simple form, are read with a deck of cards that contain various pictures. These various cards are numbered a certain way and have different pictures on them that help predict a person’s future. These cards also add insight to a person’s current life situation. A tarot reader is able to interpret the tarot cards and may be guided with a spiritual gift and have psychic powers that have been given by God.

When it comes to a free tarot reading, they are easy to locate on the internet. You may question if these free tarot readings are actually free and can give an accurate reading? After all, a free tarot reading is worthless if it’s not accurate, right? When determining if a free tarot reading has any value it is necessary to understand such sites as Squeeze Websites, Computer Generated Emails, Reply Time, Content Sites, and Lottery Number Sites. These site may all offer some form of free tarot reading. Here is some information on these types of sites that will hep you make a decision on whether to use them or not.

Types of Sites that Offer a Free Tarot Reading

Here is some information on these types of sites that will hep you make a decision on whether to use them or not.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but rather a sampling from all of the different sites I’ve run across offering some sort of free tarot reading or free psychic reading.

Squeeze Websites Offering Free Tarot Reading

online free tarot reading free tarot online by gerrypopplestone

Although many email tarot reading sites do offer a free tarot reading, it is usually computer generator and there is no human interpreting the cards. Photo by gerrypopplestone

With the Squeeze Websites you will be asked to fill out a certain form in order to get the free tarot reading. This site will ask for your email before you are able to enter the website. Websites like this may vary in what they will ask from you. Some sites may even ask for personal details before they will give free tarot readings. This sites main objective is to get emails in order to sell products. Once these sites have your email you will begin to see your spam folder fill up with various sales advertisements – all from getting a totally free psychic readings.

Free Tarot Reading From Computer Generated Email

With tarot cards there is a lot of learning that needs to be done in order to know how to properly read them. A genuine tarot reading can take as long as 30 minutes to get answers. Each tarot card can have various meanings depending on where the cards are laid out in a spread. An experienced reader will be able to interpret what each card says and be able to answer the question you ask. The free computer generated tarot card email is not worth your time when it comes to an accurate reading.  In general, these email readings have a database of the Tarot cards and randomly pick X number of cards and then attach the meanings of those cards to the email.  There’s little – if any – interpretation.  Needless to say, their accuracy is terrible.

Computer Generated Webpage Free Tarot Reading

These are similar to the email readings above, but while the email readings have been around a long time and are very simplistic, the new web based computer based free tarot reading is getting more sophisticated.  But… it still has it’s problems. When it comes to content related free tarot readings there is formula these programs use. Each reading has around 100 words that contain a prediction – usually random. You type in a question on a site – usually with very eye catching graphics of tarot cards or gypsies – and you will receive a nearly instantaneously “tarot reading” from the system.

Free Tarot Reading and Lottery Numbers

One of the most popular online sites worldwide is called Mr Bob. This site gives out the lottery numbers. This type of fortune is delivered through an email. Mr Bob claims to send out the winning combination of lottery ticket that can help you win the lottery. When it comes to predicting winning lottery numbers it seems to be one of the oldest scams out there. When this type of reading is combined with tarot cards, a small fee, and a prediction of winning lottery numbers it becomes a formula that is not worth your time. Tarot cards have never actually claimed to be able to predict the winning lottery numbers.

Fortunately there are some websites that actually offer a genuine free tarot reading, such as Oranum. Oranum actually has REAL  tarot readers who offer a free tarot reading through their online chat.  This is a public chat room, so your conversation is seen by everyone, but you can log in anonymously so no one will actually know who you are! Oranum offers information to help you have a better understanding of spiritual matters.  And because they have real psychics, both their free tarot readings and their paid tarot readings will be more accurate.

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Palm Reading Basics

Palm Reading Basics

palm reading palmistry palm by Crossett Library Bennington College

Palmistry has existed for centuries – even though it’s more commonly know as palm reading. Photo by Crossett Library Bennington College

Palm reading is an ancient form a divination but one that has survived for centuries.  One of the best parts of palm reading is that it can be done almost anywhere to almost anyone – anyone who has a palm that is.  But how do you read a palm?  Today, we’ll cover the basics of palmistry and palm reading, including the major lines and their means.  Let’s get started!

Major Palm Reading Lines

The Head, Heart, and Life lines are the most important lines that can be located on an individuals hand. With these three lines in palm reading, you can interpret a lot about a person. In the beginning when you first start doing readings you may actually spend to much time on these three lines. By spending to much time on these three line may take up the time need to complete a reading. Therefore it is important to not stay focused on these three lines for too long. It is important to explain each line and how these lines effect a person life. Although these lines have great influence when it comes to a person’s life and need to be interpreted by the person giving the free psychic readings online.

The Head Line in Palm Reading

When it comes to the head line it is located in the same area as the life line. It is located below the Mount of Jupiter. This line is located above the base of the thumb and is below the index finger. This line will represent a persons mental state and can be evaluated by the way it looks. In fact some people will have this line located at a position that is very close to the their life line. If this is the case the person will do well in business. As they have a business mind. If the head and life line are joined in the beginning this could indicated that are extremely cautious when it comes to making decision about their life. They may have had problems as a child which has made them become more cautious. As a result they are worried that they will fail and have made their fear of failure hold them back. If there is a space at the beginning that is between the head and life line it could indicated a person that is compulsive. This person could actually become more compulsive as they get older.

palmistry palm reading online by Rakka

There are three major lines in palm reading – the head, the heart and the life lines. Photo by Rakka

It is common for most people to have a head line that reaches to their third finger which is under the Mount of Apollo. If a head line does not reach to the Mount of Apollo it is considered to be a short head line. In the event that a person has a short head line it is wise for them to focus on what task at a time. They will do better handling situations and work this way. If a head line reaches all the way across the hand it is of course considered long. The type of person who has this head line are able to deal with several situations at once. They are able to multi task and get a lot done. They are also able to deal with higher levels of stress when compared to most people. A person who has a head line that points down is considered to be artistic when compared too those whose lines points straight across. If a long head line is present these type of people will be able to focus and get the job done. They have an excellent memory and are able to focus on their dreams.  If there are breaks or other lines present on the head line it may indicate that there was a time when everything was not working as planned. With these type of breaks it may have been upsetting to the individual but they are able to overcome these obstacles. They have also been able to learn from their mistakes and use these situation to be more successful in the future. A head line that is shallow can indicate a person that is unable to concentrate on any given subject. A strong headline means that the person is able to concentrate on any subject and give it the time needed to understand it completely.

The Heart Line in Palm Reading

The Heart Line starts below the first two fingers that are closest to the thumb. Depending on the person the the heart line will start in different areas. T his line may start in between the first two fingers or it may start under either finger. Depending on the heart line if it is well developed it will mean that a person has very strong emotions. If the Heart line is straight it may mean the person keeps their emotions in check. A humanitarian line which extends across the palm to the smallest finger can often indicate that a person is unable to express their emotions. Although they are able to make a variety of friends they often need their space to be alone. If the heart line curves upwards that person has a strong desire when it comes to matters of love. They love strongly and care deeply about the person they are with. These type of people usually have a lot of friends that will remain with them through out their life. If the heart line is short and does not reach the second finger it could indicate that they are idealist more than they are practical. Although they are fair and well liked for their positive attitude.

The Life Line in Palm Reading

The life line begins in the area below the Mount Of Jupiter around the base of the thumb. It travels to the Mount of Venus and points towards the center of the thumb. The beginning and ending of a persons life line will vary. If the life line begins near the Mount Of Jupiter the person can be very ambitious and able to achieve many things throughout life. A life line that begins at the base of the thumb can make a person less ambitious and will not care much about success. An indication of small lines that branch off of the Life line can mean illnesses that have effected the person. This should not be a definite indication though. Also it should not determine that a person is going to become ill and should never be told to a person that they are going to become ill. As this may not be true or the situation. It is also not suggested to tell a person how long they will live as it could change their opinion and lifestyle to an unproductive and dangerous situation. If a person is told they will live a short time it could depress them. If a person is told that they will love a long life they make take unnecessary risks that could put their life in danger. At this point of a reading it important to let the person know that you are reading in stages not in certain time tables. Palm reading is all about the possibilities and can give a person a better understanding of their life through various stages. Also a break in the life line does not mean it is the time in which a person will die.

For those who have a long life line can indicate that you have more energy and spirituality than those who have a short life line. When it comes to healthy people most of them have a life line that is clear and curves downward. A life line that is straight may indicate a person with low energy. Although this energy can be improved upon over time. If a person has this type of life line they may need to exercise and work harder to stay in shape than others. T hey may also have higher stress levels than the average person.

Final Words on Palm Reading

And those are the three main lines in palm reading.  Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand their meanings and how to find them.  Palmistry can truly be a wonderful way to help others and most people love to have their palms read.  Of course, there is much more to palm reading and if you wish to do it professionally, I definitely recommend a course in palm reading before you get started.

Developing Psychic Abilities – For Complete Beginners

Developing Psychic Abilities – For Complete Beginners

developing psychic abilities psychic powers by kurichan+

Developing psychic abilities isn’t a joke. You CAN develop them if you follow the right path. Photo by kurichan+

When it comes to developing psychic abilities many people do not know where too begin. There are certain techniques that a beginner can learn to help them along the way. These certain techniques can help the beginner learn how to develop their psychic ability and can help improve their chances of becoming successful. By becoming successful and mastering your psychic abilities it will help improve your visions. While it will also help you with the rate of successful predictions. Here are some techniques that can help a beginner in developing psychic abilities.

Baby Steps to Developing Psychic Abilities

One of the most important steps in developing psychic abilities is to learn how to correctly meditate. The first step too mediation is too learn how to properly breathe. Once you have learned how to properly meditate you will be able to clear your mind and feel more relaxed. Once you are relaxed you will be able to focus on your psychic abilities and they will become more of presence in your life. By mediating everyday it will help you develop your psychic abilities.

Developing Psychic Abilities Through Meditation

developing psychic abilities develop psychic powers by ValMan

Once you start developing psychic abilities, you must practice to hone your skill. Photo by ValMan

While you are practicing mediation it is also important too find a location that will help you focus like those who give a psychic reading online. Since meditation requires a lot of concentration the location should be free of interference and noise. The place you choose should allow you to focus on your breathing technique and the meditation itself. In the event that you are having problems with being able to do the breathing exercise correctly you can focus on taking breathes. By focusing on each breathe that goes in and out it will improve your chances of being able to relax. Once you are relaxed and focused on your meditation your mind will allow you too receive messages about your psychic ability. Although psychic powers may still seem difficult to understand practicing meditation will help you achieve your abilities.

Visualization Techniques and Developing Psychic Abilities

Once mediation has become natural you are ready to learn how to use the visualization technique. The visualization technique can be used by focusing on a thought that is positive. This can be done with your eyes closed or open. You should first start by thinking about something that is positive in your life and visualize it in your mind. If during your visualization you see something that is unfamiliar it can mean that you are finally opening up to your psychic powers. During the visualization exercise you may actually receive messages in the form of visions and dreams. These messages are all part of the development of your psychic ability. At this point through practice you will begin to understand what visions are actually predictions.

During the beginning of your journey of developing psychic abilities it can be helpful to keep a journal on your mediation and visions. By keeping a journal it will help you develop your psychic powers. It will also help you determine which messages that you received through visions actually held weight. You should take notes after each mediation sessions on your experience and what you observed. This will help you remember what you have seen and experienced while meditating. This journal can also include the dreams that you have had. By paying attention to our dreams and visions it will help you understand the messages that are being sent while developing your psychic powers.

Taking a Class to Help You Developing Psychic Abilities

On a final note by taking a class in person or at home can help you developing psychic abilities. This can help you learn more about your psychic powers while teaching you how develop additional psychic abilities.  There are many classes and teacher out there, since it is more mainstream nowadays.  Whereas before you would learn about a psychic class on the bulletin board of you local new age shop, now they are all over the place on the internet and sometimes even offered in colleges.  So what’s your excuse?  Why not start developing psychic abilities today!


Psychics, Shamans & Mysticism

Psychics, Shamans & Mysticism

shamans native american psychic powers Martintoy

Some believe that native american shamans have a sort of psychic power. Photo by Martintoy

Although some people may believe that psychic powers or even shamans do not exist, not everyone does. There are still plenty of people that do believe in psychic powers. These beliefs may vary depending on what type of culture a certain individual belongs too.  Some believe in medicine men or shamans, but don’t believe in so called psychic powers.  But how different are they really? Unfortunately there may even be some people who are afraid that shamans or others may have some sort of special psychic ability. Those people may feel uncomfortable that another person may know personal things about them. While there are also people who simply do not believe that psychic powers exist at all. Although there are others who find psychic powers and the other things that shamans can do amazing.

Are Shamans Born with Special Abilities?

When it comes to psychics some are actually born that way or have actually inherited the power. While others learned to develop their psychic powers. A vast majority of psychics do not know exactly where their ability has come from and they do not exactly understand everything about their psychic ability. Although they may not fully understand their ability they do know that their psychic powers gives them the ability to see into the future as well as the past. They also have a better understanding of an individuals present circumstances.

What is ESP?  Do Shamans Have It?

This is called ESP or better known as extra sensory perception. ESP allows a person to have an extra sensory other than the five basic senses. With this ability they are able to see more than those who have not developed this ability. They are either naturally born this way or have had training to develop their psychic powers. It has not been determined how many individuals posses this ability. Although it is estimated that only a small percent actually have it. This could be due to the fact that many people are unaware that they have psychic powers or have not had training when it comes to developing these abilities. Some people may even be aware of their ability but may simply dismiss it as being intuition.

Fake Shamans and Psychics

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Psychic powers like telekinesis are sometimes thought of as being possessed by shamans, but anyone can have the ability. Photo by las – initially

There is also another group of people who have learned to pretend that they do have psychic abilities in order to make money. These type of people may actually work as tarot card or phone readers. Although there is not usually any harm done as most people who seek these types of readings are only looking to be entertained. Unfortunately there have been some occasions when people were taken advantage of by these type of people.

Real Shamans and Psychics vs the Fakes

Fortunately there are many psychics out there that actually use their real psychic powers. These types of psychics work with the police department in helping solve crimes. These types of psychics have become a great asset to the community while taking violent criminals off of the street. When it comes to your thoughts on your own psychic abilities how exactly do you feel? If you are quick to say that you do not have any psychic powers you may want to take some time. According to most legitimate psychics they believe that the majority of people actually have at least one psychic ability. They believe that most people are unaware that they have an ability because they have never allowed there ability to surfaces. Without proper training or education when it comes to psychic abilities most people will not be able to use them. Nor will they believe that they have an ability.

Do Shamans and Other Psychics Need Training?

With an educational intervention it is believed that all people can unleash their psychic ability by receiving psychic training. For those who are interested in psychic training it can be accomplished by first clearing your mind of all negativity. By learning how to use deep meditation, relaxation, positive thinking, and removing negative thought patterns can help you too develop your psychic abilities. This can also give you more positive results when it comes to your psychic training. When it comes to negativity and fear it can be your worst enemy not only in everyday life but especially when it comes to developing your psychic powers. Meditation is used by various people for various reasons. Some people may use it too improve their health while helping them learn too relax. While others will use meditation to help develop their psychic powers. Either way meditation may help anyone open up the possibilities of having psychic abilities.

Meditation should be done in a quite place that allows you to focus without being disturbed by outside influences. Those students that are more advanced often meditate outside in order to have the full effect of meditation. During psychic training it is important to add meditation too your daily activities. Meditation should be practiced daily in order to keep your mind focused. By missing as little as one day of meditation it can stop you from advancing in the development of your psychic ability.

Why Shamans are Always Meditating

It is important to use deep breathing meditation techniques. This will help you get rid of negative energy and tension. By using deep breathing techniques it can help you reveal your psychic powers. During these exercise it will vary between each individual when their psychic abilities are revealed. This will depend on each person and once their psychic powers are revealed they will be ready to move on to the next phase. Those who are in the developmental stages of their psychic ability often use tarot cards to improve their new skills. You can have fun with this new ability by offering free tarot card readings too family and friends. This will help you learn more about your psychic powers as well as help you develop how to use them properly like true shamans.

Tarot Reading – What Is It and How Can It Help You

Tarot Reading – What Is It and How Can It Help You

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Do you know what Tarot Reading really is? Read on and find out! Photo by jungmoon

What is a tarot reading and how can it help me you may ask? If you are new to tarot card readings than you may have a few questions. You may also wonder how a tarot reading can benefit you. Once you have been educated on how a tarot card reading works you will have a greater appreciation for tarot cards. Unfortunately there is a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to tarot cards. Some people have labeled the tarot as a a divination and relate it a theatrical experience. While others have labeled the tarot to be something from the occult. This can put tarot cards into a negative aspect and keep people from understanding what the tarot cards are. This can also keep them finding out all the wonderful results that they can achieve from using the tarot cards.

Is Tarot Reading Occult?

Occult is a word that can mean hidden knowledge. When people think of the word occult they think of satanic rituals, sacrificing, and devil worshiping. T his can scare the average person away from tarot cards while keeping them from learning what values the tarot cards actually hold. By breaking the barrier that keeps the cards in this category we begin to understand that these cards have nothing to do with any of the above mentioned occult practices. At this point we can now begin to learn exactly what the tarot cards are. We can now use them to help our lives and improve our conditions.

False Portrayal of Tarot Reading in the Media

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It can be confusing to know what real tarot reading is due to false media portrayals. Photo by Sunfrog1

It can be confusing to those who have never been introduced to a tarot card reading. Unfortunately the media has given plenty of false information when it comes to what they represent. The cards are actually used in a much more positive way then perceived. They can actually be beneficial to the one getting the reading. As the cards can help you sort through different aspects of your life. When a person is spiritually aware of their psychic ability they are able to use the cards to help others. These cards can be used to offer guidance and wisdom. Tarot reading can also be used to help people live a more positive life that is relaxed and full of joy.

The tarot cards are specifically designed to help those who are aware of their psychic ability to tap into the subconscious energy that surrounds the cards. When the cards are being read they create a story. This story is about the one who is receiving the readings personal life. By having a personal reading it can help you sort through various aspects of your life. While helping you relax and give you the ability to deal with you situations in a more productive way. When you are receiving a reading it also allows you to look back at your life from an outsiders view. While also being attached to your life in a clear sense. It is advised to keep an open mind when you are getting a reading as this will help you clarify what is going in your life. This will keep you free of manipulating or forcing the reading to go a certain way. The knowledge that is give through each reading is truly a gift. This knowledge can be used to improve your circumstances.

Reflecting on Things Said During a Tarot Reading

The best part of the tarot reading is the time will in which you will be able to reflect on certain things that were said during your reading. This may help you to deal with a difficult situation. Since you already know that things will change for the better it can improve the way in which you deal with the situation. The cards can also lighten the impact of an event. This will make it easier for you to go through the experience while being less stressed. With this being said you will be able to deal with these events with more clarity and tact. You will be able to appreciate the situation and understand why certain things are happening while having a little faith. You will know and believe that things will get change for the better.

What the tarot card does is open your mind so that you can have a universal understanding of life. With this universal understanding you will be able to make sense of many different aspects of your life. The cards can help those be more aware of their situations and help them develop their psychic abilities. This can lead to spiritual enlightenment while making the world a better place for each individual that is here.

Tarot cards have been around for a long time. They have been read for hundreds of years. They were even once valued as an important part of society. The cards were often practiced by Shaman’s and doctors. This was implemented into their spiritual practices. It helped communities and societies make valuable decisions that would effect their community of people. The cards would often let those leaders know that a disaster was about to strike and how to prepare for it. People had great faith in tarot cards. Tarot cards were extremely respected and people knew the importance of them. They also believed that readers had a special gift and had a psychic ability that enabled them to give a reading. These readers were highly valued in the community.

Tarot Reading Taps in Spirituality, Life and Energy

People of that time understood what the tarot card could do as they were well educated on the practice. They knew that that cards were linked to spirituality, life, energy, vibrations, the human condition, neurological processes, and all that surrounded the universe. The cards gave a sense of a deep reality and put life into perspective for many. At this time people read the cards on a professional level and were able to educate others on the true meaning of the cards. By understanding the cards we are able to have a deeper understanding of the universe and our personal lives.

The benefits of having a tarot card reading can be simply amazing. The cards can be used to discuss nearly every situation that may happen throughout a person’s life. By opening up our minds to the possibilities we can begin to have a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds us. If you can use your imagination and focus you can actually bring change to your life. A tarot card reading can help give you guidance when it comes to different aspects of your life. The information you may receive from a tarot card reading can be enlightening. The cards can open your heart and mind to the desires you did not know where possible. A reading can answer all the questions you need to know while helping you figure out which way to turn. It is also possible for the cards to reveal hidden things in your life. As well as protect you from certain dangers and bad choices. When tarot cards are used properly they can have some positive effects on your life while improving your circumstances.

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Psychic Mediums vs Spiritual Mediums – What Is the Main Difference?

Psychic Mediums vs Spiritual Mediums – What Is the Main Difference?

psychic mediums psychics mediums spiritual mediums by ColorblindRain

Seance’s are usually performed by spiritual mediums rather than psychic mediums. Photo by ColorblindRain

Psychics, telephone psychics, psychic mediums, spiritual mediums, live psychics, clairvoyants, online psychic readings, psychic mediums, psychic readers, the online world is flooded with mediums and psychics. What is the difference between them all? Is there even a difference?  Many people assume there is only one type of psychic and that they can do everything – palm reading, tarot reading, psychic reading and even speaking with the dead.  But is that the case?  Are psychic mediums lumped in with all the other psychics?

Psychic Mediums and Clairvoyance

Many people believe that once they discover their gift of clairsentience, or clairvoyance, they are able to label themselves as psychic mediums or spiritual mediums. However, such gifts are better thought of as tools that psychics and psychic mediums use to do their work. For example, a saw and a hammer are both tools used by carpenters. Simply owning these tools does not make you into a carpenter. Similarly, merely having the tools of clairvoyance does not automatically turn you into a psychic medium or spiritual medium.  So what are the tools and what do they do?

Psychic Readers

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Certain things can only be performed by spiritual mediums, while other things can only be performed by psychic mediums. Photo by horizontal.integration

While there are notable cases of people who gain psychic gifts after a traumatic experience or incident, they are not born with the ability to be a spiritual medium. Although they have become more spiritually aware, they still do not have the innate gifts of mediumship – which is what psychic mediums have. They may become psychic and claim to be a psychic medium, but they do not know that this is not the same as being able to commune with the dead. True spiritual mediums come into the world with the gift of communicating with the spirit world.

Psychic or Spiritual Medium

Only recently have psychic mediums come into being – or at least, been referred to as psychic mediums. Before, there were mediums or psychics. Commonly, mediums have been associated with the spiritualist movement and are called spiritual mediums, spiritist mediums, spiritualist mediums, or spirit mediums. These names all refer to the same thing. It used to be easy because a medium was a medium and a psychic was a psychic. Over time psychic mediums have popped up. This is hard to understand since a psychic or reader is completely different from being a medium.

Do not contact a psychic medium if you wish to commune with a dead loved one. Instead, find a spiritual medium since they are gifted to do so. The internet contains thousands of psychic mediums, spiritual mediums, and psychics. Unfortunately, my experience shows that 98% of these people claiming to be able to connect with the dead are not able to back up their advertising. I challenge any online spiritual medium or psychic medium to provide proof that they can in fact communicate with MY loved ones specifically.

Psychics or Psychic Mediums?

If you are wondering which is better, it depends on what you need. Generally if you wish to link with a deceased loved one then you should seek out a spiritual medium. If you need to find a missing item or person then a psychic would be best for you.  Luckily there are many psychic site out there that offer all psychic services.  They usually have a list of psychics and their abilities so that you can choose the type of psychic that suits you needs, be it tarot readers, psychics, palm readers or psychic mediums!

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Finding a Real Psychic Reading – Is It Really So Difficult?

Finding a Real Psychic Reading – Is It Really So Difficult?

psychic reader real psychic reading by Binary Bliss

Find a real psychic reading may be difficult, but it will be worth it. Photo by Binary Bliss

Real psychic readings can be stimulating as well as rewarding. The experience that one can receive from having a real psychic reading can be on like any other. Fortunately a real psychic reading is not impossible to find and is available in many different areas. Real psychic readings can be found on the internet, on television commercials, and in magazine ads.

Where Do You Find a Real Psychic Reading?

Psychics are available all over the world in many walks of life. It is not to complicated to find a real psychic or to find real psychic readings. You should also be careful when seeking a reading from a psychic that they are indeed a geniune psychic. As sometime there are people out there that are actually con artists and prey upon people that are seeking real readings. Since we all have intuition we can use that as well as common sense when it comes to deciding on a psychic. It is also easy to find out whether a psychic has any credibility since people will talk and write reviews on there experience. With this access to a person’s credibility we are able to determine whether they are a truly empathetic or clairvoyant. If a person is truly gifted and able to give real psychic readings they will have following. These psychics have a a real psychic ability that allows them to be in tune with the spiritual world. They can also uncover hidden truths and solve problems that may not be on the surface. With there talents they can give real psychic readings with the use of rune stones, tarot cards, numerology, and I Ching along with several other ways to give a reading.

Can You Stop With Only One Real Psychic Reading?

psychic reader real psychic reading by moeyknight

With so many psychics out there, how can you find a real psychic reading at all?! Photo by moeyknight

If you are the type of person who has had several psychic readings. You may have heard different references about your life that may have even sounded true at the time. There may have even been some things that were said that made you feel excited about your future. Although you were met with disappointment when those certain predictions did not come true. This left you feeling like you were taken advantage of while it also lightened your wallet of money. Unfortunately there are people in this world who will take advantage of people when they are vulnerable. This may have kept you from getting a real psychic reading again.

Another question that may have come up in your mind is how is it possible for a website to find so many gifted psychics? One may also wonder if there are really that many gifted psychics or is this just another scam to get you to spend money? The point is most real psychics work on their own and have a huge following rather than a listing on a large network of psychic websites. Also it is not necessary to go through 100’s of psychics in order to find one legitimate one that can answer an important question for you.

Understanding What You Can Expect From a Real Psychic Reading

It is important to understand what a real psychic is and what they are capable of doing. It is also important that they will be able to answer your questions when you call upon them. When a person calls a psychic network they usually want to know about there future. This type of reading involves fortune telling and is not considered to be a psychic reading. These psychics are actually doing their job even if they are not considered to be real psychics. After all they have been trained to make you feel better and they have also been trained to tell you what you would like to hear. Even in the event that what they are telling you isn’t true.

Fortune telling with a large network does not have a shortage of these types of psychics. They are available everywhere. These sites are satisfying to those who call that want their spirits lifted. At times you may even get lucky and find a genuine psychic who will actually be able to give you a true prediction. Also unfortunately there are those psychics who will try and con others out of money. They will do this by saying they need to remove curses and negative energy that are effecting your life. This has given real psychics more to contend with when it comes to proving their legitimacy.

How Can you Find a Real Psychic Reading?

The best way to get a real psychic reading is to look around and trust your gut instinct. Once you become aware of how to spot a fake psychic you will be able to choose one that will actually work for you. You will also learn to not believe in everything you hear. You can also use certain readings as just a form of entertainment. To make this even hard when finding a certain psychic that can give you geniune reading there are thousand online that are waiting to take your call. There is also a small percentage that you will actually find a geniune psychic when calling these services.

Here is some words of advice that you can use to help you have a real psychic reading:

1. Take what is being said serious or you can use for entertainment only.
2. Avoid certain networks that do not have guarantees or do not regulate what their psychics do. Look for real psychic reading.
3. Search for a private psychic that is legitimate. This is just as important as if you were seeking medical advice.
4. Ask yourself why you need to seek the advice of psychic.

It is also important that you find a geniune psychic and not one that is a con artist. If you would like more information on these types of scams and how to spot a con artist you can find more information in my article titled “How To Spot A Fake Psychic- Changing The Imitation Psychic Paradigm.” This article will help those who are looking for a real psychic find what they are looking for.

Choosing A Real Psychic Reading

There reasons you are seeking a psychic can be really deep. It is important to establish a connection with your psychic. It is also important to realize if you need to seek the advice of a mental health counselor instead. When seeking the advice of a psychic it is essential that you are capable of making your own decisions and not depended on your psychic to make your life decisions for you. Once you understand this you are ready to experience how a psychic reading can benefit you. There is a responsibility that comes with using these services and with properly educating yourself on these services it can make a world of difference. A real psychic reading can be very beneficial and helpful to your life.

Some Helpful Tips For Your Search

Now that you are aware of how to spot a con artist when it comes to psychic readings it will be easier to find a legitimate psychic. This will make your quest for a reading easier.

  • When searching for online for psychics use search terms such as real psychic, authentic psychic reading, real testimonials for psychics readings, and real psychic readings. As well as doing research about the psychic that you plan on using.
  • When looking at a psychic on a website it is important to research the website. If the website is not properly constructed it may not be worth the time for you to try their services. This website may actually be a scam and will only service the purpose in taking your money.
  • When researching these websites it is important to know how long the business has been established. You can do this by checking out this following site internic.net/whois.html. This website will be able to tell you more about the domain name. You can also use search engines to find out more about the business. Along with checking out ripoffreports.com where people may have made formal complaints about the business or negative reports.

With all the information that is necessary when it comes to getting real psychic readings it can feel like homework. Although all this research may seem overwhelming it will help you in the long run and help you have a reading that you will enjoy. As well as benefit from a real psychic reading.