Palm Reading Basics

Palm Reading Basics

palm reading palmistry palm by Crossett Library Bennington College

Palmistry has existed for centuries – even though it’s more commonly know as palm reading. Photo by Crossett Library Bennington College

Palm reading is an ancient form a divination but one that has survived for centuries.  One of the best parts of palm reading is that it can be done almost anywhere to almost anyone – anyone who has a palm that is.  But how do you read a palm?  Today, we’ll cover the basics of palmistry and palm reading, including the major lines and their means.  Let’s get started!

Major Palm Reading Lines

The Head, Heart, and Life lines are the most important lines that can be located on an individuals hand. With these three lines in palm reading, you can interpret a lot about a person. In the beginning when you first start doing readings you may actually spend to much time on these three lines. By spending to much time on these three line may take up the time need to complete a reading. Therefore it is important to not stay focused on these three lines for too long. It is important to explain each line and how these lines effect a person life. Although these lines have great influence when it comes to a person’s life and need to be interpreted by the person giving the free psychic readings online.

The Head Line in Palm Reading

When it comes to the head line it is located in the same area as the life line. It is located below the Mount of Jupiter. This line is located above the base of the thumb and is below the index finger. This line will represent a persons mental state and can be evaluated by the way it looks. In fact some people will have this line located at a position that is very close to the their life line. If this is the case the person will do well in business. As they have a business mind. If the head and life line are joined in the beginning this could indicated that are extremely cautious when it comes to making decision about their life. They may have had problems as a child which has made them become more cautious. As a result they are worried that they will fail and have made their fear of failure hold them back. If there is a space at the beginning that is between the head and life line it could indicated a person that is compulsive. This person could actually become more compulsive as they get older.

palmistry palm reading online by Rakka

There are three major lines in palm reading – the head, the heart and the life lines. Photo by Rakka

It is common for most people to have a head line that reaches to their third finger which is under the Mount of Apollo. If a head line does not reach to the Mount of Apollo it is considered to be a short head line. In the event that a person has a short head line it is wise for them to focus on what task at a time. They will do better handling situations and work this way. If a head line reaches all the way across the hand it is of course considered long. The type of person who has this head line are able to deal with several situations at once. They are able to multi task and get a lot done. They are also able to deal with higher levels of stress when compared to most people. A person who has a head line that points down is considered to be artistic when compared too those whose lines points straight across. If a long head line is present these type of people will be able to focus and get the job done. They have an excellent memory and are able to focus on their dreams.  If there are breaks or other lines present on the head line it may indicate that there was a time when everything was not working as planned. With these type of breaks it may have been upsetting to the individual but they are able to overcome these obstacles. They have also been able to learn from their mistakes and use these situation to be more successful in the future. A head line that is shallow can indicate a person that is unable to concentrate on any given subject. A strong headline means that the person is able to concentrate on any subject and give it the time needed to understand it completely.

The Heart Line in Palm Reading

The Heart Line starts below the first two fingers that are closest to the thumb. Depending on the person the the heart line will start in different areas. T his line may start in between the first two fingers or it may start under either finger. Depending on the heart line if it is well developed it will mean that a person has very strong emotions. If the Heart line is straight it may mean the person keeps their emotions in check. A humanitarian line which extends across the palm to the smallest finger can often indicate that a person is unable to express their emotions. Although they are able to make a variety of friends they often need their space to be alone. If the heart line curves upwards that person has a strong desire when it comes to matters of love. They love strongly and care deeply about the person they are with. These type of people usually have a lot of friends that will remain with them through out their life. If the heart line is short and does not reach the second finger it could indicate that they are idealist more than they are practical. Although they are fair and well liked for their positive attitude.

The Life Line in Palm Reading

The life line begins in the area below the Mount Of Jupiter around the base of the thumb. It travels to the Mount of Venus and points towards the center of the thumb. The beginning and ending of a persons life line will vary. If the life line begins near the Mount Of Jupiter the person can be very ambitious and able to achieve many things throughout life. A life line that begins at the base of the thumb can make a person less ambitious and will not care much about success. An indication of small lines that branch off of the Life line can mean illnesses that have effected the person. This should not be a definite indication though. Also it should not determine that a person is going to become ill and should never be told to a person that they are going to become ill. As this may not be true or the situation. It is also not suggested to tell a person how long they will live as it could change their opinion and lifestyle to an unproductive and dangerous situation. If a person is told they will live a short time it could depress them. If a person is told that they will love a long life they make take unnecessary risks that could put their life in danger. At this point of a reading it important to let the person know that you are reading in stages not in certain time tables. Palm reading is all about the possibilities and can give a person a better understanding of their life through various stages. Also a break in the life line does not mean it is the time in which a person will die.

For those who have a long life line can indicate that you have more energy and spirituality than those who have a short life line. When it comes to healthy people most of them have a life line that is clear and curves downward. A life line that is straight may indicate a person with low energy. Although this energy can be improved upon over time. If a person has this type of life line they may need to exercise and work harder to stay in shape than others. T hey may also have higher stress levels than the average person.

Final Words on Palm Reading

And those are the three main lines in palm reading.  Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand their meanings and how to find them.  Palmistry can truly be a wonderful way to help others and most people love to have their palms read.  Of course, there is much more to palm reading and if you wish to do it professionally, I definitely recommend a course in palm reading before you get started.

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