Psychic Mediums vs Spiritual Mediums – What Is the Main Difference?

Psychic Mediums vs Spiritual Mediums – What Is the Main Difference?

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Seance’s are usually performed by spiritual mediums rather than psychic mediums. Photo by ColorblindRain

Psychics, telephone psychics, psychic mediums, spiritual mediums, live psychics, clairvoyants, online psychic readings, psychic mediums, psychic readers, the online world is flooded with mediums and psychics. What is the difference between them all? Is there even a difference?  Many people assume there is only one type of psychic and that they can do everything – palm reading, tarot reading, psychic reading and even speaking with the dead.  But is that the case?  Are psychic mediums lumped in with all the other psychics?

Psychic Mediums and Clairvoyance

Many people believe that once they discover their gift of clairsentience, or clairvoyance, they are able to label themselves as psychic mediums or spiritual mediums. However, such gifts are better thought of as tools that psychics and psychic mediums use to do their work. For example, a saw and a hammer are both tools used by carpenters. Simply owning these tools does not make you into a carpenter. Similarly, merely having the tools of clairvoyance does not automatically turn you into a psychic medium or spiritual medium.  So what are the tools and what do they do?

Psychic Readers

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Certain things can only be performed by spiritual mediums, while other things can only be performed by psychic mediums. Photo by horizontal.integration

While there are notable cases of people who gain psychic gifts after a traumatic experience or incident, they are not born with the ability to be a spiritual medium. Although they have become more spiritually aware, they still do not have the innate gifts of mediumship – which is what psychic mediums have. They may become psychic and claim to be a psychic medium, but they do not know that this is not the same as being able to commune with the dead. True spiritual mediums come into the world with the gift of communicating with the spirit world.

Psychic or Spiritual Medium

Only recently have psychic mediums come into being – or at least, been referred to as psychic mediums. Before, there were mediums or psychics. Commonly, mediums have been associated with the spiritualist movement and are called spiritual mediums, spiritist mediums, spiritualist mediums, or spirit mediums. These names all refer to the same thing. It used to be easy because a medium was a medium and a psychic was a psychic. Over time psychic mediums have popped up. This is hard to understand since a psychic or reader is completely different from being a medium.

Do not contact a psychic medium if you wish to commune with a dead loved one. Instead, find a spiritual medium since they are gifted to do so. The internet contains thousands of psychic mediums, spiritual mediums, and psychics. Unfortunately, my experience shows that 98% of these people claiming to be able to connect with the dead are not able to back up their advertising. I challenge any online spiritual medium or psychic medium to provide proof that they can in fact communicate with MY loved ones specifically.

Psychics or Psychic Mediums?

If you are wondering which is better, it depends on what you need. Generally if you wish to link with a deceased loved one then you should seek out a spiritual medium. If you need to find a missing item or person then a psychic would be best for you.  Luckily there are many psychic site out there that offer all psychic services.  They usually have a list of psychics and their abilities so that you can choose the type of psychic that suits you needs, be it tarot readers, psychics, palm readers or psychic mediums!

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