How Do You Find a Real Psychic?

How Do You Find a Real Psychic?

how do you find a real psychic by Aaron Dieppa

With so many fakes, how do you find a real psychic? Photo by Aaron Dieppa

When one is looking for a REAL psychic, it can become quite challenging at times. With so many different types of psychics on the market, it can difficult to choose which type is right for you. Research is your best bet when it comes to finding a real psychic. and many times, this comes down to preference and who you feel comfortable with; clairvoyants, tarot readers, mediums, or several other specific types of psychics out there. A good place to start is may be a friend or someone you know who has used psychics previously, or the internet; check websites and read the feedback sections.  Most times they will leave positive feed back if their reader was a real psychic!

Can You Get a Real Psychic Reading for Free?

Upon finding a psychic, inquire as to whether they do a free trial reading or, at the very least, will answer some of your questions. This way, you know you have found someone you can trust. While you do not have to put your psychic through rigors before hiring them, it is positive to get a good feel. If they have the qualities you are looking for, and a personality you are comfortable with, it is a good time to move forward.

Basic Question to Help You Find a Real Psychic

Having a few basic questions for your psychic can be a very handy tool in finding a good psychic. Reason being? It gives you a good chance to see the manner in which they communicate. If they answer directly and without fluff, chances are that you have a good psychic. You want to be able to understand what your psychic is telling you. Below is a list of some good basic questions

how to find a real psychic reader online by ClockworkGrue

If you don’t know how to find a real psychic, who knows what you could end up with! Photo by ClockworkGrue

1.) What are your thoughts on free will?
2.) For how long have you been a professional psychic?
3.) In which areas are you most accurate?
4.) Do you use any tools or accessories during your readings?
5.) What is your pricing per hour, and are there any package deals?
6.) What can I expect from you during a reading?
7.) May I take notes or record the experience as it takes place?

Finding a Real Psychic that You Get Along With

Keep in mind that you also want to find a personality type that you gel with easily. If you are a person who needs tough love and directness, there are psychics who are. If you need a psychic who is more empathetic and loving, you will also find them. This is also why it is of utmost importance to ask questions to your potential psychic before hiring them for a reading. With online psychic sites, there is often a contact me link or a way to ask the psychic questions before you hire them.  Take advantage of that whenever possible to ensure you find a real psychic that you connect with.

Last Words on How to Find a Real Psychic

Keep in mind that a psychic’s job is to help us travel more steadily down the meandering paths of our lives. Finding the right psychic for you makes this process much more enjoyable and easy to approach. Be sure to do the necessary research and look for feedback on the psychics you are interested in.  By following the suggestions in this article, you will know how to find a real psychic!

What Kinds of Authentic Psychics Are There And What Can They Do?

What Kinds of Authentic Psychics Are There And What Can They Do?

It is widely believed that all psychics are basically the same. In reality, there are many types of authentic psychics that posses varying gifts. While it is highly unlikely for one psychic to have every ability, it is common to posses a few. Typically, a true psychic will focus on areas that allow them to utilize their unique gift set.  Because of this, it is important that you have an idea of what you want from the authentic psychics you find, so that you can choose the right one for the job. If you are searching for something that has gone missing, you would benefit most from a Psychometric instead of a Pet Psychic. Well… unless the missing thing IS a pet.  Luckily, this article will help you determine which authentic psychics are best for which jobs.

Authentic Psychics and Their Abilities

A medium is one of the authentic psychics who are able to allow the spirit of a dead person to communicate through them. Do not worry, this is not demonic possession or anywhere close to it. Instead, it can be thought of as a short term conversation arrangement. Channelers also posses the ability to sense ghosts or spirits that are near.

These psychics are said to have “clear vision.” This means that they are able to see visions and images that are relevant to the person asking the question. Often times they are used to help find a missing person.

The definition of precognition is, “to know before.” This means that authentic psychics who are precognitive psychics can know something before it actually happens. Sometimes this gift can be confusing because the psychic has no warning or notice before receiving a vision.  In other authentic psychics, they can control their ability and only use it on demand.

By touching an item that belongs to someone, a psychometric can gather information about them. Many investigators and detectives seek this service when attempting to locate a missing person. Hence, my earlier reference to finding something that was missing.

This psychic has “clear hearing.” This gift deals with the psychic’s mind, not their actual ears. Valuable information is given to the psychic from spirit guides, then it is shared with the client.  The character played by Whoppie Goldberg in the movie Ghost was an example of a clairaudient.

Empathics have the gift that allows them to feel exactly what another person is feeling. This ability is helpful when a client is trying to deal with a very hard emotion or circumstance.

Animal Telepaths
Commonly known as “Pet Psychics”, these psychics are able to deal with an animal’s behavioral or physical problems. By speaking the animals “language”, a pet psychic is able to help the animal communicate with its owner.

Identifings the Types of Authentic Psychics

By knowing the kinds of psychics and gifts that are available, you can choose the right one to help meet your needs.  Just like you wouldn’t call a plumber to fix a flat tire or call a mechanic to fix a computer problem, you want to make sure that the authentic psychics you are going to have the skills you need for your issue, question or problem.

Why Use Psychic Chat Online Instead of Psychic Readings

Why Use Psychic Chat Online Instead of Psychic Readings

psychic chat online free by nikkorsnapper

At one time, there were only brick and mortar psychic shops, now there are online psychic readings and psychic chat online. Photo by nikkorsnapper

With psychic chat online available it has become one of the simplest ways to have a psychic reading. Thanks to the computer age and a more advanced technology it is not necessary to travel in order to have a full psychic or tarot reading done. At one time it could take an individual several days to get answers from a clairvoyant or medium using email. Thankfully today within minutes you can get the answers you seek by speaking with an online psychic immediately through psychic chat online.

What Kind of Psychic Readings Can You Get Using Psychic Chat Online

Psychics have several ways in which they can read such as astrology, numerology, fortune telling, tarot cards, spiritual counseling, and dream interpretation. There are several online sites to choose from as well as companies that work with certain psychics. Certain sites offer only the best psychics and feel that it is very important that each client receives the best quality reading available.  It’s best to familiarize yourself with their offerings before getting either a regular psychic reading or psychic chat online.

Different Types of Options Other Than Psychic Chat Online

free psychic chat online

With psychic chat online, you can speak with a psychic about anything from nearly anywhere! Photo by Alexis Grrrrr

With the advancements in technology people are able to have readings done over the phone, in a group conference, over live chat, through instant messaging, and video calls. When a client receives a reading by those means it is called remote viewing. The psychic will use this ability to see into certain situations that are going on in a clients life. With this psychic ability they may be able to feel the energy of certain individuals, locate lost objects, find missing people, interpret dreams, and in some situations they are able to perform remote healing. When it comes to dream interpretation you can get a psychic to answer your questions through an email. Astrology is also another type of reading that is available through an online feed.  None of these compare to the flexibility of psychic chat online.

Key Benefits to Psychic Chat Online

There are a several benefits when it comes to using a psychic online chat service. It is private and travel is not necessary. The readings are more convenient while making the client feel more relaxed. For those who suffer from anxiety and feel uncomfortable speaking with new people may find comfort in speaking with an online psychic. The online psychic readings that involve tarot cards and dream interpretations can provide you with information that can help you solve personal issues. These personal issues may involve your career, love life, and paranormal experiences. Personal readings can help answer any question you may have. These readings can give you a better understanding of your past, present, and future. A psychic can also help you with spiritual healing while giving you special guidance and restoring your emotional stability – all through psychic chat online!

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Do Psychics Get a Bum Rap?

Do Psychics Get a Bum Rap?

psychic reader psychic readers psychics by Pammie76

Do psychics and psychic readers get a bum rap? Photo by Pammie76

When it comes to psychics, they often get a negative review. If you are familiar with me than you know I work hard to help change that negative view that is out there. I have often times discussed these negative views in my articles. it is important for me to get the point across when it comes to what a psychic should do. It is also important that a stress the fact of what psychic readings can do for a person and how a person can benefit from a reading.

Learning About Psychics

The best concept that I have come across is, as a psychic advisor I have learned that we are all here to learn something. We are all here to learn and evolve when it comes to our souls. When psychics are working for you it is their job to guide you in the right direction while teaching you certain aspects about yourself. their advice that they offer should be beneficial to your well being. Since we are often times so deeply involved in our everyday activities we often do not take the time to look outside of ourselves to get a clear picture of what our lives actually mean. That is where a psychic comes in and is able to clarify what is going on in your life that you may be unaware of. A psychic with a highly developed psychic ability will actually be able to tell you how you can improve your life conditions. They can also seem like a trusted friend who cares about things that will make you happy.

Discovering the Path that Psychics Must Take

When I finally found my true path it became my mission to use my talents. I realized my true talents and practiced to become more aware of the higher consciousness that surrounds me. I don’t actually label myself as a psychic. I simply feel it is my job to help others. As a psychic it is not my job to judge but too simply help those who need guidance. When a reading is being done it is the energy that is felt that determines each outcome. The energy is already there and not something that psychic creates. A psychic is in tune with this energy and able to interpret what it means. As an advisor I am able to counsel the one receiving a reading and give them words of advice. All while making them aware of certain signs that they are unaware of. It is also important to know that not every energy that is felt is set in stone as often the future can change course by certain actions. These actions can change everything when it comes to psychics.

Psychics Who Guide You

People often need to be guided in order to find their way. Psychics can help you open up to life’s possibilities while teaching about certain aspects of life. They will teach you that you have free will and can actually change your life around. By using their services you can also be taught to realize that you are not a victim of circumstances but a control of your own destiny. A psychic can give you the insight that is needed in order for you to have a successful life.

With that being said what you can experience from using a psychic can vary. First it is important to figure out what you plan on getting out of a psychic. Second it is important to find the psychic that can help you with your quest. Unfortunately not all psychics are created equally. It will take some time to find the psychic that is right for you. This article will help you find what you are looking for in a psychic and what benefits you can receive by enlisting the reading of a professional psychic.

Know Your Psychics – Different Psychics Have Different Areas Of Expertise

There are psychics out there that will claim to be 100% authentic. They will make the statement that they are 100% accurate all the time. They may also claim to be psychics, astrologers, reiki masters, tarot readers, mediums, and crystal ball readers. It is impossible to be all things to everyone and anyone who would make this statement is not authentic. These types of psychics are not professional nor do they have the morals to be the type of psychic that you are seeking. A professional psychic will actually be honest with what they can do. they will also be clear with what they can not do. Depending on what type of psychic you need and for what it is important to find the right one. If you need to speak with a loved one who has crossed over it is important to find a medium that is capable of that type of service. It is also important to know that not all psychics are mediums. Some psychics are clairvoyants and see visions while others have different abilities that help them see. While other psychics are capable of having two abilities it is uncommon for them to be experts in more then two areas.

Different Psychics have Different Methods

Your psychic may be a clairvoyant, an empathetic, a telepathic, a medium, a clairaudient, a tarot reader, rune stone reader, numerologist, I Ching, or an astrologist. They will be able to use their natural gifts that can be helpful to you. When they are doing your reading they will use these elements to helps you get an accurate reading. Certain elements work like tools to the psychic. Depending on the information you need it will be important to choose a psychic with the area of expertise that you are needing advice in. It is also important to never judge what a certain psychic uses to help guide their reading. Since spiritual gifts come in different forms. Every psychic will be different. When it comes to mastering psychic ability it is an extreme discipline that will work differently in each individual psychic.
Some Common Pitfalls To Watch Out For

When it comes to using certain psychics they may not be able to always help you with everything. This is where it is important to know who you are calling on. If there is certain information that you would like to know make sure you are calling one who can answer those questions for you. Although there are several people out there who have psychic ability it does not mean they will be able to help you if they are not trained in your specific needs. It is important to find one who is an expert in your specific needs. This will help keep you from being disappointed when you do not get the answers that you seek.

Although a certain psychics may be able to see certain things about you that are true does not mean that they will be able to help you in every area. There are of course those that can do remote viewing and it is important that this is actually what you are seeking. When it comes to those who are inexperienced with getting a reading they will tend to believe everything they here. It is important to keep an open mind but also be a bit skeptical. Let them prove to you what it is they know and can do.

An empathetic will be able to feel your emotions and your thoughts. They can read your thoughts. A psychic is clairvoyant that can see your past, present, and future. When it comes to different types of psychics they will have different abilities. These skill levels will also vary when it comes to watch each individual psychic can do.

At the beginning levels a psychic that is not properly trained may not be able to help you. It is with years of practice and discipline that will give them the solid ground that they need in order to give you the best reading possible. The more experienced they are the more they will be able to give you the answers you seek. If they are professional and authentic they will be able to guide you in the right direction while giving sound advice. A true psychic is their to help you and will never take advantage of the situation that will make you dependent upon them. Nor will they make you believe that they are the only ones who can give you answers and solve your problems.

What Psychics Are Not Telling You

A psychic is not telling you decisions you should make. If they are it would be wise to move on and find someone else to do your readings. A reading should make you feel positive and should not give you a negative feeling. It is not the responsibility for a psychic to tell you about a death. This is not their job. They will not do spells for you or help you curse others. A real psychic knows better than to mess with karma. they will not do certain favors or make certain thing happen in your favor. If a psychic offers to do certain energy work for you it may be in your best interest to walk away. This can be a scam and will result in you loosing money. At the same time it result in nothing being done to improve your life.

It is important to know the psychic that you are dealing with and keep your mind clear. Ask question in order to learn more about your psychic. This will help you have enjoyable experience. While it will also help you by staying away from a negative experience and an unhealthy psychic reading. At the end of the day it is also important to remember that only God has the answers and is 100% right all the time. If anyone makes claims that they are 100% right all the time in their predictions this is not the type psychics that you need.

Chinese Astrology & Chinese New Year

Chinese Astrology & Chinese New Year

chinese new year horse chinese astrology by patentboy

Each Chinese New Year heralds in a new year based on an animal from Chinese astrology. 2014 will be the Year of the Horse. Photo by patentboy

When it comes to Chinese astrology, many say it is more accurate and in depth than western astrology. It is based around the ancient Chinese concepts which come to the forefront every January for the Chinese New Year. This concept includes Chinese medicine and religion working in synergy. Chinese astrology is based on the constellations and solar calender which begins with the Chinese New Year. The philosophy of Chinese astrology is based upon each years cycle which includes the time,the date, and lunar year. All of these factors greatly influence the characteristics of a person’s future starting with the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Astrology and the Chinese New Year

This type of astrology has twelve zodiac animals. These animals represent the sixty year cycle in Chinese years. The Chinese astrology includes the horse, ox, pig, rabbit, snake, monkey, dog, rooster, sheep, tiger, rat, and the dragon. The zodiac animal that will correspond with each individual will depend on the year and hour in which a person is born. There are also five elements that will correspond with a person’s personality they are earth, fire, water, metal, and air.

Chinese Astrology Signs

According to Chinese astrology with these twelve animal zodiac signs and five elements a persons destiny can been calculated. This calculation can be determined in relationship to the Chinese calendar, the planets, the stars, and the heavenly body. This calculation is called the Purple Star System and it can map out a person’s entire life. Once a person’s birthday and the position of the stars are determined it is then put into a sector that can tell a lot about a persons life.

Chinese New Year and It’s Animal Sign

chinese astrology chinese new year by Bhutan-360

The Chinese New Year is rich with culture from Chinese astrology, philosophy and religion. Photo by Bhutan-360

Each of these sectors can even give specific characteristics of how a person may look, their talents, the natural abilities, and how successful they may be throughout their life. When it comes to the position of the stars at the time of their birth it can also give information on what their finances, relationships, health, career, assets, attitude, and the amount of travel they may experience throughout their life time. These zodiac animals represent a person characteristics and general personality based on the Chinese New Year.

Yin and Yang and Chinese New Year

Yin and Yang is one of the most important concepts that is included in Chinese astrology and the Chinese New Year. This is the part that includes the positive and negative forces that shapes a person. Yin and yang can actually work together instead of against each other. Since life is constantly changing this is the factors that keeps an individual’s life in balance. Although Yin and Yang are very different they are equal. Depending on the year a person is born can effect certain qualities of that person. If they were born on an odd year they are considered Yin. Yin is associated with such characteristics as receptive, negative, feminine, passive, tranquil, fall, winter, fertility, birth, moon, night, and elemental water. Where as Yang is an even year which associated with aggressive, active, passionate, focused, creativity, masculine, daylight, sun, spring, summer, and the elemental fire.

Chinese New Year and Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology has a lot more to offer then your typical western astrology. It has a deeper philosophy and has a specific science. The zodiac animals and elements makes it more in depth as well as detailed.  So when the Chinese New Year comes around in January, check to see what Chinese Astrology says will happen to you!

How to Use Rune Stones

How to Use Rune Stones

rune casting rune stones by elchinewolf

Rune casting can trace its origins back to the days of the Vikings! Photo by elchinewolf

Rune stones tap into the subconscious on a spiritual level. When it comes to rune casting it is not actually fortune telling. The Rune stones represent several symbols that have various meanings. During a reading the stones focus on more of the spiritual concepts that represent each symbol. It is said that through the subconscious is what effects the stones that we randomly choose.  This article will explain more about these interesting stones, their origins and their use as a method of divination.

Rune Stones and the Vikings

This type of reading that involves rune stones was used by the Vikings. As they had a deep understanding of how rune casting worked. It was also considered in that time as a form psychology that helped the Vikings solve many of their problems. The stones focused on the present time and how it would effect a persons future. Unlike a psychic who conducts a reading by determining your past, present, and future the rune stone casting gives an opportunity to see the future as changeable.

Are Rune Stones Mysticism

rune stones rune casting by keltickelton

Have you ever were rune stones originated? Photo by keltickelton

People may feel that rune casting has some form of mysticism. Although it is by no means witchcraft. The stones can not cast spells nor is it considered fortune telling. These stones simply help a person put their life into perspective while examining the current path they are on. When having a rune stone reading it is important to find a quite place that allows you stay focused so that you can cast the stones. Along with remembering to have a boundary written out on the cloth before you begin. It is also to your benefit to be facing north and helpful if you can find a hard surface to lay the cloth on in front of you. During your reading it is important to keep your question in mind so that you can have an accurate reading.

How to Choose Rune Stones

Rune stones should always be the same size and shape. This will allow your subconscious mind to stay focused without you recognizing the stones beforehand. When it comes to rune casting there are a few steps you can take to get the most out of your experience. First mix the stones in the pouch before you decide on which ones to pick up. Once you are focused you will then be able to pick up a stone from the pouch by using your subconscious. Continue to stay focused and pick the rune stones out of the pouch until you have reached the amount needed for the layout. Rune casting has various formulas for the layout. One is called Nors casting which allows you to choose three rune stones at once from the pouch. These stones are laid out in a row. The first rune stone represents your past, the second represents your present path, and the third represents how your future may turn out if you continue on your present path.


Learning More on Rune Casting

Hoepfully, this article has taught you a little about rune casting and it’s origins and uses. The use of rune stones can help a person put their life into perspective while taking a look on what path they are headed and now you can use them too!