How to Use Rune Stones

How to Use Rune Stones

rune casting rune stones by elchinewolf

Rune casting can trace its origins back to the days of the Vikings! Photo by elchinewolf

Rune stones tap into the subconscious on a spiritual level. When it comes to rune casting it is not actually fortune telling. The Rune stones represent several symbols that have various meanings. During a reading the stones focus on more of the spiritual concepts that represent each symbol. It is said that through the subconscious is what effects the stones that we randomly choose.  This article will explain more about these interesting stones, their origins and their use as a method of divination.

Rune Stones and the Vikings

This type of reading that involves rune stones was used by the Vikings. As they had a deep understanding of how rune casting worked. It was also considered in that time as a form psychology that helped the Vikings solve many of their problems. The stones focused on the present time and how it would effect a persons future. Unlike a psychic who conducts a reading by determining your past, present, and future the rune stone casting gives an opportunity to see the future as changeable.

Are Rune Stones Mysticism

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Have you ever were rune stones originated? Photo by keltickelton

People may feel that rune casting has some form of mysticism. Although it is by no means witchcraft. The stones can not cast spells nor is it considered fortune telling. These stones simply help a person put their life into perspective while examining the current path they are on. When having a rune stone reading it is important to find a quite place that allows you stay focused so that you can cast the stones. Along with remembering to have a boundary written out on the cloth before you begin. It is also to your benefit to be facing north and helpful if you can find a hard surface to lay the cloth on in front of you. During your reading it is important to keep your question in mind so that you can have an accurate reading.

How to Choose Rune Stones

Rune stones should always be the same size and shape. This will allow your subconscious mind to stay focused without you recognizing the stones beforehand. When it comes to rune casting there are a few steps you can take to get the most out of your experience. First mix the stones in the pouch before you decide on which ones to pick up. Once you are focused you will then be able to pick up a stone from the pouch by using your subconscious. Continue to stay focused and pick the rune stones out of the pouch until you have reached the amount needed for the layout. Rune casting has various formulas for the layout. One is called Nors casting which allows you to choose three rune stones at once from the pouch. These stones are laid out in a row. The first rune stone represents your past, the second represents your present path, and the third represents how your future may turn out if you continue on your present path.


Learning More on Rune Casting

Hoepfully, this article has taught you a little about rune casting and it’s origins and uses. The use of rune stones can help a person put their life into perspective while taking a look on what path they are headed and now you can use them too!


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