Chinese Astrology & Chinese New Year

Chinese Astrology & Chinese New Year

chinese new year horse chinese astrology by patentboy

Each Chinese New Year heralds in a new year based on an animal from Chinese astrology. 2014 will be the Year of the Horse. Photo by patentboy

When it comes to Chinese astrology, many say it is more accurate and in depth than western astrology. It is based around the ancient Chinese concepts which come to the forefront every January for the Chinese New Year. This concept includes Chinese medicine and religion working in synergy. Chinese astrology is based on the constellations and solar calender which begins with the Chinese New Year. The philosophy of Chinese astrology is based upon each years cycle which includes the time,the date, and lunar year. All of these factors greatly influence the characteristics of a person’s future starting with the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Astrology and the Chinese New Year

This type of astrology has twelve zodiac animals. These animals represent the sixty year cycle in Chinese years. The Chinese astrology includes the horse, ox, pig, rabbit, snake, monkey, dog, rooster, sheep, tiger, rat, and the dragon. The zodiac animal that will correspond with each individual will depend on the year and hour in which a person is born. There are also five elements that will correspond with a person’s personality they are earth, fire, water, metal, and air.

Chinese Astrology Signs

According to Chinese astrology with these twelve animal zodiac signs and five elements a persons destiny can been calculated. This calculation can be determined in relationship to the Chinese calendar, the planets, the stars, and the heavenly body. This calculation is called the Purple Star System and it can map out a person’s entire life. Once a person’s birthday and the position of the stars are determined it is then put into a sector that can tell a lot about a persons life.

Chinese New Year and It’s Animal Sign

chinese astrology chinese new year by Bhutan-360

The Chinese New Year is rich with culture from Chinese astrology, philosophy and religion. Photo by Bhutan-360

Each of these sectors can even give specific characteristics of how a person may look, their talents, the natural abilities, and how successful they may be throughout their life. When it comes to the position of the stars at the time of their birth it can also give information on what their finances, relationships, health, career, assets, attitude, and the amount of travel they may experience throughout their life time. These zodiac animals represent a person characteristics and general personality based on the Chinese New Year.

Yin and Yang and Chinese New Year

Yin and Yang is one of the most important concepts that is included in Chinese astrology and the Chinese New Year. This is the part that includes the positive and negative forces that shapes a person. Yin and yang can actually work together instead of against each other. Since life is constantly changing this is the factors that keeps an individual’s life in balance. Although Yin and Yang are very different they are equal. Depending on the year a person is born can effect certain qualities of that person. If they were born on an odd year they are considered Yin. Yin is associated with such characteristics as receptive, negative, feminine, passive, tranquil, fall, winter, fertility, birth, moon, night, and elemental water. Where as Yang is an even year which associated with aggressive, active, passionate, focused, creativity, masculine, daylight, sun, spring, summer, and the elemental fire.

Chinese New Year and Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology has a lot more to offer then your typical western astrology. It has a deeper philosophy and has a specific science. The zodiac animals and elements makes it more in depth as well as detailed.  So when the Chinese New Year comes around in January, check to see what Chinese Astrology says will happen to you!

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