Psychics, Shamans & Mysticism

Psychics, Shamans & Mysticism

shamans native american psychic powers Martintoy

Some believe that native american shamans have a sort of psychic power. Photo by Martintoy

Although some people may believe that psychic powers or even shamans do not exist, not everyone does. There are still plenty of people that do believe in psychic powers. These beliefs may vary depending on what type of culture a certain individual belongs too.  Some believe in medicine men or shamans, but don’t believe in so called psychic powers.  But how different are they really? Unfortunately there may even be some people who are afraid that shamans or others may have some sort of special psychic ability. Those people may feel uncomfortable that another person may know personal things about them. While there are also people who simply do not believe that psychic powers exist at all. Although there are others who find psychic powers and the other things that shamans can do amazing.

Are Shamans Born with Special Abilities?

When it comes to psychics some are actually born that way or have actually inherited the power. While others learned to develop their psychic powers. A vast majority of psychics do not know exactly where their ability has come from and they do not exactly understand everything about their psychic ability. Although they may not fully understand their ability they do know that their psychic powers gives them the ability to see into the future as well as the past. They also have a better understanding of an individuals present circumstances.

What is ESP?  Do Shamans Have It?

This is called ESP or better known as extra sensory perception. ESP allows a person to have an extra sensory other than the five basic senses. With this ability they are able to see more than those who have not developed this ability. They are either naturally born this way or have had training to develop their psychic powers. It has not been determined how many individuals posses this ability. Although it is estimated that only a small percent actually have it. This could be due to the fact that many people are unaware that they have psychic powers or have not had training when it comes to developing these abilities. Some people may even be aware of their ability but may simply dismiss it as being intuition.

Fake Shamans and Psychics

shamans psychic abilities psychic powers by las - initially

Psychic powers like telekinesis are sometimes thought of as being possessed by shamans, but anyone can have the ability. Photo by las – initially

There is also another group of people who have learned to pretend that they do have psychic abilities in order to make money. These type of people may actually work as tarot card or phone readers. Although there is not usually any harm done as most people who seek these types of readings are only looking to be entertained. Unfortunately there have been some occasions when people were taken advantage of by these type of people.

Real Shamans and Psychics vs the Fakes

Fortunately there are many psychics out there that actually use their real psychic powers. These types of psychics work with the police department in helping solve crimes. These types of psychics have become a great asset to the community while taking violent criminals off of the street. When it comes to your thoughts on your own psychic abilities how exactly do you feel? If you are quick to say that you do not have any psychic powers you may want to take some time. According to most legitimate psychics they believe that the majority of people actually have at least one psychic ability. They believe that most people are unaware that they have an ability because they have never allowed there ability to surfaces. Without proper training or education when it comes to psychic abilities most people will not be able to use them. Nor will they believe that they have an ability.

Do Shamans and Other Psychics Need Training?

With an educational intervention it is believed that all people can unleash their psychic ability by receiving psychic training. For those who are interested in psychic training it can be accomplished by first clearing your mind of all negativity. By learning how to use deep meditation, relaxation, positive thinking, and removing negative thought patterns can help you too develop your psychic abilities. This can also give you more positive results when it comes to your psychic training. When it comes to negativity and fear it can be your worst enemy not only in everyday life but especially when it comes to developing your psychic powers. Meditation is used by various people for various reasons. Some people may use it too improve their health while helping them learn too relax. While others will use meditation to help develop their psychic powers. Either way meditation may help anyone open up the possibilities of having psychic abilities.

Meditation should be done in a quite place that allows you to focus without being disturbed by outside influences. Those students that are more advanced often meditate outside in order to have the full effect of meditation. During psychic training it is important to add meditation too your daily activities. Meditation should be practiced daily in order to keep your mind focused. By missing as little as one day of meditation it can stop you from advancing in the development of your psychic ability.

Why Shamans are Always Meditating

It is important to use deep breathing meditation techniques. This will help you get rid of negative energy and tension. By using deep breathing techniques it can help you reveal your psychic powers. During these exercise it will vary between each individual when their psychic abilities are revealed. This will depend on each person and once their psychic powers are revealed they will be ready to move on to the next phase. Those who are in the developmental stages of their psychic ability often use tarot cards to improve their new skills. You can have fun with this new ability by offering free tarot card readings too family and friends. This will help you learn more about your psychic powers as well as help you develop how to use them properly like true shamans.

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